Marine Essentials Announces Powerful New Green Tea Extract Supplement

  • Date: May 17, 2013
  • Category: Health

The powerful green tea extract now offered by Marine Essentials contains a full array of antioxidants with proven health benefits, including faster weight loss combined with greater fat burning power, from one all-natural, GMO-free supplement. Continue reading


May 17, 2013 /prREACH/ -- A recent article featured on described the enormous health benefits associated with adding green tea extract to the diet.  Clinical trials have shown that green tea extract does everything from helping to prevent strokes and the onset of dementia to lowering cholesterol levels, eliminating harmful free radicals, and increasing fat burning potential.  Scientists in Poland and elsewhere around the world have verified green tea's natural healing properties.  Newspapers such as The Telegraph, The Times of India, and the Daily Mail have all reported the benefits of adding green tea to one's diet to help fight skin cancer.  Unfortunately, green tea extract cycles through the body very quickly, limiting its potential effectiveness.  But that barrier has just been broken.

Marine Essentials is proud to announce Green Tea Select, a new supplement with a potent green tea extract.  This extract is 100% natural, contains no GMOs, and stays in the body three times longer than normal green tea.  That means it delivers three times the fat burning power, three times the cholesterol reduction, three times the incredible health benefits as any other green tea extract on the market.  Additionally, researchers found it skyrockets users' fat burn rate – known as “thermogenesis – by 35% in just 24 hours.

The average green tea drinker would need to consume at least ten glasses of green tea every day to equal the effects found in Marine Essentials' Green Tea Select.  But beyond that, Green Tea Select is harvested from pesticide-free fields.  The leaves are picked by hand, and sun-dried in the fields without mechanical harvesters or processing.  The result is an all-natural, highly-concentrated, 100% pure green tea extract unlike anything else available.

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