McCarty Business Management Xtreme explains how local businesses are losing money

summary Where does a new start-up business begin with their marketing plan? *NOT FACEBOOK OR TWITTER. The team at McCarty Business Management Xtreme has honed into the Houston and Austin area markets to educate and help local businesses with getting companies’ online marketing foundation done correctly. Continue reading

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May 14, 2014 /prREACH/ -- 98% of Local Businesses are losing money because they have not taken the first steps to updating their marketing. This is why the First Steps products became a major focus for McCarty Business Management Exteme aka McCartyBMX.

Michael R. McCarty explains his motivation and mission statement for his business, "I spent 10 years in banking as a small business banker and loan officer, 5 of those years were with Bank of America. This is where I found my passion for small business and the people behind the businesses. I have worked with many start-ups and understand that every business needs a solid foundation to build their brand on to succeed. We do that with both marketing and some online management tools such as Wordpress ( for websites and Podio for CRM and project management ( "

They started their "Backyard Marketing First Steps" program ( to help any size or age local business in building the foundation that would have to be done before the business should have opened it's doors.

One exercise that McCartyBMX asks local business owners to perform is a simple local marketing test that encourages the owner to focus on how important mobile devices and website responsiveness is to search engine results.

To start, the business owner is asked to use a smartphone on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, and Foursquare and asked the question, "Does your business show up above or below your competitors?" The business owner must search for the business, first by category, and next by company name. The GPS technology in the smartphone is what activates when checking for a local business, so it is important to double check away from the business location as well. If the business location looks correct on a smartphone, then it's time to double check it on a PC.

The First Step of The Backyard Marketing First Steps Program begins with the most important online business directories for local companies including Google Places also known as Google Maps, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, and many others.

Step Two is the social media branding design and marketing, making sure that a business is correctly set-up on each social media channel, and has claimed its unique URL for its business name. Once those tasks are complete, the business can focus on it's social content marketing.

Step Three is to focus on updating the current website for responsiveness on mobile devices if needed, a redesign for Local SEO, a new or redesigned website using Wordrpess Content Management System (CMS) which is the foundation our program uses to develop websites. Wordpress is used by over 74 million websites. (

Step Four is to add a virtual tour to the a local business's Google Maps directory. Their business partner and Google Trusted Photographer will do a Google Maps Business View virtual tour for the local business. (

New businesses or companies who have been around for  50+ years should take these first steps towards doing the right thing for its business online brand to ensure it is found over its competitors.

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Michael R McCarty

"The majority of business owners do not know that there are steps to building their local business online and the importance of it being done correctly. Our team is here to educate business owners on those steps and why it is important. Once we get them up to par it's up to the business owner to continue to build on those steps."
- Michael R McCarty, owner, McCarty Business Management Xtreme Inc
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