Memory Foam Pillow Maker Highlights Sleep Deprivation in National Guard

  • Date: Jul 25, 2019
  • Category: Health

Recent research has unveiled interesting facts related to sleep deprivation suffered by National Guard service members. The popular manufacturer of sleep accessories, Xtreme Comforts, says that its gel memory foam pillow can help.


BRONXVILLE, NY, Jul 25, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Millions of people around the world suffer from sleep deprivation for many reasons. A recent study indicates that National Guard service members face this problem while transitioning from civilian to military life. Xtreme Comforts, a manufacturer of several sleeping aids, believes that the study results point to a need among service members for assistive sleep devices, such as its gel memory foam pillow, that have helped many users solve their sleep-related issues.

"A high percentage of individuals working in the military suffer from sleep deficiency. Given the nature of their work, this can be a significant problem. Though sleep deficiency is common during and after deployment, the transition phase is probably the most critical period, " explains a senior spokesperson from Xtreme Comforts. "Transition periods are most challenging because the new recruits often find it difficult to get rid of their old habits and adjust to the demanding requirements of their new lifestyle."

"Insufficient sleep impacts the quality of life, safe driving practices after shift work en route to home and can compromise safety and quality care of patients," says study author Denise A. Smart, an associate professor at Washington State University.

Numerous experts around the world suggest that one of the probable remedies to sleep deprivation is to create a favorable sleeping environment. It has also been established by research that the human body requires a temperature between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for undisturbed sleep. Xtreme Comforts says that its recently launched gel infused memory foam pillow was designed to maintain the ideal sleeping temperature for users.

The company's spokesperson adds, "Our gel fiber pillow incorporates a breathable, gel-infused polyester fiber blend to increase airflow and draw out heat for a cooling, comfortable night's sleep."

To find out more about Xtreme Comforts and its memory foam pillow, please visit the company's website or Amazon storefront.


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