Microsoft Does Little To Improve The Security Vulnerabilities Of Skype


There are too many people who use Skype regularly and yet a large people are still unaware of the fact that hackers can easily extract the internet IP of users. This vulnerability allows criminals to create cyber attacks a lot more easily. Continue reading

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Oct 14, 2015 /prREACH/ -- California, October 12th, 2015- There have always been a lot of reports which claimed how easily hackers could steal information from Skype in order to create huge attacks. Some of the top news outlets had warned that it was quite easy to reveal the IP address of the different Skype users.

Ever since this information was made public, there have been a lot of services which mainly targeted ways by which they could exploit this vulnerability and lead to cyber nuisance. Simply searching Skype resolver will offer plenty of results that can help people access the internet address of the Skype users as simply having the Skype name is enough to create cyber attacks.

Brandon Levene, an independent security researcher was quoted as saying, “Many of these resolver services offer 'blacklisting', which for a fee will allow users to prevent other users from looking up the IP address attached to a specific Skype account.”

The vulnerability can be very serious as it could allow corporate companies and even stalkers to track the details of different individuals and use this information for the wrong purposes and reasons.  It was back in 2001 that Microsoft purchased Skype. However, despite being aware of this vulnerability, Microsoft took little or no steps in order to rectify these bugs. One of the spokesperson from Skype said in an emailed statement that they were "investigating reports of tools that capture a Skype user's last known IP address."

There are methods available by which this situation can be put into control. However, it seems as if the Microsoft authorities are bent on taking it lightly, as they have yet to offer any concrete ways by which the security concerns could be dealt with in an apt manner. With the kind of use and the number of people who rely on Skype every day, it is imperative that Microsoft should come up with detailed measures which could remedy the privacy vulnerabilities at the earliest.

Owing to the huge and increasing rate of cyber crime, it is important to take the right actions lest it will lose a lot of users.  To know more about this vulnerability and the details, visit

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