Montreal Day Traders bring Day trading course October 4 to 6, 2014


Online day trading is gaining popularity among investors as a way to break free from the continually bad returns in the stock market. Most investors wonder, Can they make a living day Trading? This question and more will be addressed in the Montreal Day Traders 3 day trading course October 4 – 6 in Montreal, Quebec as the Money Maker Edge™ will show participants a system for managing risk and trading stocks, futures and currencies. Continue reading

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Jul 15, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Montreal Day Traders, Quebec's largest trading groups with over 200 members, and Konstantin Vedernikov,it's organizer,  bring veteran traders from the Money Maker Edge™ Trading Group, Joel Wissing and Drayton cook for a three day trading course. Investors will be trained to trade in up, down and sideways markets.

Investors are getting tired of paying money to loose money in their investment accounts. It seems that recently, more and more people are looking to manage their own money. With over 75% of money managers loosing money for their clients it is not surprising to see such a big shift away from Mutual funds and investing accounts. For those interested in taking responsibility for their money and their financial future,  join the Montreal day traders for a three Day trading course. The Money Maker Edge™ Montreal Day trading course and day trading group has created a community in many cities around Canada and the United States. Communities that support each other to learn and survive the learning required to make money in the markets where collaboration is the key.

What is unique about the system is that traders are given tools that help them manage risk and follow a "Traders Code", a group of codes that keep the trader out of trouble.  This three day trading event is where a participant can experience a high impact learning environments where they will get a break through to trading and being responsible for their money. This is a highly interactive training with three activities that will lock in  the ability to transcend  walls, take responsibility for  money and work through the 5 competencies of a trader. On the road to mastery participants will learn to manage their risk and the way to make it through their own learning curve to make money.

For more information about  Montreal Day trading course, please call 866-640-3737 and leave name and number.

Learning how to day trade can be as rewarding as it is challenging. The Montreal Day traders support each other after the day trading course with monthly meetings. Theirs is a great group of supportive traders.

About Money Maker Edge™ Day Trading Group Joel Wissing is the founder of the Money Maker Edge Trading Group, one of the few trading educators that trades a managed fund and publishes trades the fund is participating in.  The need for constant mentoring and risk management for trading inspired Joel to create a system where traders need not spend all day behind the screens to make money in the markets, and training traders and investors in the retail markets in these same systems.

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Montreal Day Trading Course

“The Montreal Day Traders have organized this 3-day workshop from October 4 to October 6 with the aim of empowering Montreal traders in the art of trading and risk management. Mr. Joel Wissing will be using high impact learning activities to train the group in risk management, exact systems of entering trades and a full day of live trading on simulators to put everything we have learned to work. Both investors as well as traders will learn a lot because Joel has trained institutional and retail traders for over 12 years. The training helps people on refine their psychological edge which is 95% of the trading game.”
- Drayton Cook
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