Most Effective Daily Planner Achieves Greater Results While Saving Time & Energy


Business coach, Barbara Jascht, is offering her most effective daily planner, designed to achieve greater results while saving time and energy, on her website for free to those interested in successful daily planning. Continue reading


Jun 17, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Barbara Jascht is happy to offer her most effective daily planner for free to those wanting to be more productive each day while saving valuable time and energy. Jascht has many years of experience as a business trainer, management coach, team developer and consultant and is excited to share her expertise in how to deal with the often unmanageable number of tasks people have to deal with every day.

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"Many self-employed women fail every day and get bogged down because they disregard a basic rule: to get the tasks from your head to paper," Jascht explains. "I have done that too until I started planning my day. I learned straightforward and effective ways to plan my day from my US coaches. Anything too complicated to do when planning, you can forget!"

By investing only five minutes per day in the smart ego DAILY PLANNER, users can achieve up to 50% more results in the same amount of time. "I want you to be able to plan your day as effectively and easily as I do. After adapting this planner over and over again, the result is an ultimately simple and effective tool," Jascht says. Daily planner users can benefit from:

  • having less pressure and stress
  • eliminating time thieves
  • removing feelings of guilt
  • finding more room for creativity
  • enjoying more leisure time
  • getting relaxed sleep
  • producing up to 50% more output per day.

As a bonus, Jascht is including her mega training video, where she shares how to work best with the planner, as well as her time management secrets.

Jascht is passionate about her work and posts many live chats on her Facebook page, where she guides viewers through many hurdles and challenges to help them find success. Visit:

"Nobody can make you successful but yourself. It's ultimately your choice," she concludes.

For those interested in additional information about Barbara Jascht's business coaching or to claim a copy of her daily planner for free, visit the official website or Facebook page.


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