Musical Jewelry Boxes Come to Life Through Augmented Reality Companion App


The Memory Building Company is excited to announce that its hand-made musical jewelry boxes now come with an augmented reality app. The free Wonderstruck app is integrated with the music box to bring it to life and deliver an inspirational message. Continue reading


Arnold, MD, Dec 02, 2019 /prREACH/ -- The Memory Building Company is excited to announce that its musical jewelry boxes now come with an augmented reality companion app, Wonderstruck. With the app, the company hopes to offer a modern twist on this traditional gift for girls. Wonderstruck was designed to bring the company's physical products to life and inspire its users to develop new cognitive skills.

"We were excited to create something special that no one had tried before — a classic gift that would deliver the biggest WOW while reinforcing specific cognitive behaviors such as it's ok to be different and the need to sprinkle kindness. That's why we created Wonderstruck to be the perfect modern companion to a traditional gift while helping little ones develop the cognitive skills and become wonderful big people" says Katherine Phipps, a clinical psychologist, and founder of the Memory Building Company.

The company's musical jewelry boxes come in two styles, one based on a unicorn gifts theme featuring a white unicorn and the other a rose-gold ballerina. The brand says that it included a themed jewelry set inside the box to make a complete gift set. The stainless-steel necklaces and bracelets that come with the jewelry boxes are adjustable with strong links and clasps.

Users can download the free Wonderstruck app to their smartphones and tablets. Once the app is installed, users will only need to point the mobile devices at the lid of the boxes and watch the characters dance and talk as if they are really there. The company also offers a 7-foot Superhero Backdrop for children's parties, which can be brought to life like a giant cinema screen using the Wonderstruck app, adds the brand.

"I designed the music boxes with my 8-year old daughter, and we're proud that they've become the best-selling and most highly rated jewelry box on As a clinical psychologist, I have a passion for child development and love to see families make memories and help their little ones grow," Phipps says.

Anyone interested in finding out more information about the musical jewelry boxes for girls from the Memory Building Company should visit the company's official website or Amazon storefront



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The Memory Building Company was founded by Katherine Phipps, a clinical psychologist and child development specialist. She created the company to reach out to help families create memories and help their children grow into wonderful big people.
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