Nationwide Secured Capital Releases First Kindle Book on Mortgage Note Investing


Nationwide Secured Capital has just published its’ first eBook on Amazon for Kindle, “The Mortgage Note Investment Primer”.

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Dec 29, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Kindle eBook now for sale on Amazon.

Nationwide Secured Capital has just published its’ first eBook on Amazon for Kindle, “The Mortgage Note Investment Primer”. The book was written for investors seeking to learn the basics of investing in seller financed and private mortgage notes in the note investor market.

Seller financed mortgage loans are also known as seller financed notes, carry back financing, or owner financed notes . They are created when an owner of a property sells the property, and carries back some or all of the purchase price of the property as a loan. The loan is secured with the property as collateral for repayment and the mortgage or deed of trust has been recorded.

Private mortgage loans differ from traditional real estate mortgage loans in that private mortgage loans are created when a private individual lends money to another individual and secures the loan with the property as collateral for repayment. This private individual is not subject as much government regulation that applies to regular lenders such as banks.

The note is the legal document that represents the claim to the repayment of these loans.

This new Kindle eBook will teach readers what goes on inside Nationwide Secured Capital when considering purchase of private mortgage notes for their investment portfolio. The eBook discusses what the advantages and benefits are in mortgage note investments, as well as the risks, and what returns can be realized. The eBook was written by the experts at Nationwide Secured Capital. Other chapters in the book include topics on how private mortgage notes make money, how notes are valued, how one can invest in notes, and how the investment is secured.

The eBook can be purchased on Amazon at an introductory price of $29.95. The hard copy is sold for $199.

Nationwide Secured Capital is a leading buyer of 1st lien seller financed and secondary market mortgages and deed of trusts secured by real estate nationwide. The principals of Nationwide Secured Capital have decades of combined experience with the purchase of hundreds of millions of dollars in notes. They all personally purchase and hold these investments in addition to portfolio acquisitions to their buying groups. Nationwide Secured Capital works with sellers and investors all over the United States and manages the SMILE FUND ONE LLC - registered with the SEC as an exempt offering for investors

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“The goal we had in writing a primer book on private mortgage notes is to answer fundamental questions a person is likely to have before investing in mortgage notes”, says Gene Powers, a founder of the company, “ We address both the positive and the negative considerations in this investment area”.
- Gene Powers
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