Nayoya Back Hook Massager Provides Relief From Tense, Knotted Muscles In Only 5 Minutes

  • Date: May 22, 2015
  • Category: Health

Nayoya’s patented Back Hook Massager can reach any part of the body including hard to reach areas like the shoulder blades and lower back. The Back Hook features 9 knobs that let’s users dig deep into the knotted muscle to deep tissue massage it manually via controlled pressure to quickly and efficiently release knots and spasmed muscle in only 5 minutes a day. Continue reading

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May 22, 2015 /prREACH/ -- At one point in time or another, everyone experiences sore muscles, aches and knots that are deep, hard to reach and cause muscle spasms or pain. These knots are known as trigger points and cause pain and tension in many parts of the body. Many people face daily stress related to work, diet, and lifestyle and most people suffer from chronic muscle pain, spasmed muscle tissue, and knots which are also referred to as trigger points.

These trigger points are tightly contracted muscle tissues in certain parts of the body that cause discomfort. Being able to locate a trigger point and massage it effectively achieves a release that decreases muscular pain, aches and stiffness while increasing mobility. A persons arms are only so long that reaching those trigger points in certain areas like between the shoulder blades or mid back seems impossible so we ignore the problem hoping that it will go away on its own.

Nayoya Wellness has created and patented a solution that effectively treats these aching muscles all across the body to provide relief in as little as 5 minutes. The solution is the Back Hook Massager, a hook shaped manual massager that features 9 knobs along its surface. The Back Hook allows someone to locate a knot and dig deep into it to release the trigger point and provide tension relief, making the Back Hook extremely handy for hard to reach spots that need constant attention.

Self-treatment of trigger points is a quick, cheap and effective solution to a problem most people face daily. The Nayoya Back Hook Massager has multiple handles that let the user grab, locate a tense spot on the body and dig deep into it until a trigger point release is felt.

The Back Hook targets the stiff, aching knots the same way a masseuse would and with as much pressure and depth. It's like having a disposable elbow that can be controled to dig deep into knotted muscles anytime.

"The curve really helps you get to the knots in my husband's back. He has fibromyalgia and gets knots in his back that need working out immediately. Now he can massage it himself when no one else is around to lend an elbow. You can mimic an elbow easily with this tool. We recommend it for people with fibromyalgia and anyone with knots in their back that need working out. My husband has not begun to use it in all the intended ways. There are a number of ways it can be used. But just hitting those knots and getting blood to flow in that area has really helped my husband with his condition” - Chening, Amazon Customer.

"Works great for my knotted shoulder muscles . It has also helped me relieve some issues with sciatica using the hook knob in the lower back region and also on trigger points on glueteus area! Amazing that I can get a deep tissue massage relief without paying the price”- Michael, Amazon Customer. "I got this for my husband who is a roofer and often experiences back pain. He has an inversion table which helps stretch his back out but doesn't rub out the knots. My poor fingers can only rub so much so this is a lifesaver. It is very easy to use and he can get just the right spot without having to tell me, "more right, down, over." It also comes in a nice storage bag and stores easily under the bed. There are various knobs that can be used for various areas on the body. Great product!"- DDavidson, Amazon Customer

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Christian Cobb

"This Back Hook Massager is awesome! You can literally massage any part of your body easily with the multiple ways it works.You can get rid of knotted muscles and aches so easily. I get a lot of pain around my shoulders and neck. This is perfect at positioning and creating enough pressure to hit those spots perfectly. I love how I am able to take it anywhere I go being it comes with a bag. It's easy to store and defiantly easy to use."
- Laurie, Amazon Customer
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