New And Improved Flameless Pillar Candle Set Announced By Frux Home and Yard


Frux Home and Yard introduces the new and improved 3-Piece Pillar Candle Set. Improvements enhance customers’ enjoyment of the product. Continue reading

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May 18, 2016 /prREACH/ -- Frux Home and Yard introduces the new and improved 3-Piece Pillar Candle Set. Improvements enhance customers’ enjoyment of the product.

Frux Home and Yard recently launched an updated version of the popular 3-Piece Pillar Candle Set after much time spent tracking the feedback from their customers. Frux Home and Yard has listened to what their customers want and is proud to reveal the improved 4 Piece Pillar Candle set.

The improvements include replacement of the Lithium button cell batteries with AAA batteries, which are easier to find in stores and result in an extended life and better performance. Another improvement for this candle set is with the bonus ball candle which has been redesigned into a barrel shape. This change in the bonus ball candle shape is not just for aesthetic appeal, it allows the candle to retain the same thickness of the wax wall as the pillar candles. The new design ensures the barrel candle emits the same LED hue to match the rest of the pillar candles.

The candles still come with a remote control which allows the user to change up to 12 different shades to match almost any home décor, and even switch from a flickering light to a steady glow. It’s even possible for the user to set up the candles to different colors. Some of the common ways customers have utilized this feature include creating a patriotic theme with red, white and blue or a holiday design with red and green. The remote also activates the timer, which can be set at either four or eight hours.

All of the candles stand at various heights, allowing them to be used as a centerpiece or set up separately. The pillar candles stand at 6, 5 and 4 inches in height by 3 inches in width. The barrel candle is 2.3 inches by 3.5 inches. Customers often report using these candles as night light for a child’s room, to create soft lighting in a bedroom or living area or to enhance the spa-like feel of a bathroom.

Many customers have also stated that they appreciate the fact that these candles are safe to use and leave no mess. They don’t drip or damage any surface. Because of the reduced risk of fire, they are popular in homes with children or pets.

A combination of durability and stylish design makes this improved pillar candle set an ideal choice to enhance any room. Customers who buy may also qualify for free shipping with orders over $50. The new and improved candle set can be found on 3 Piece Flameless Wax Pillar Candles Set listing as the newer model of the item, or on its own listing as the 4 Candle Set with Remote Control and on their website.  Frux Home and Yard provides a variety of lighting solutions for everyday use in the home or for special events.

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Mike MacDonald

“Real candles can be dangerous, and very limiting to where they can be placed in my home. This 4 piece set…is a perfect solution.”
- Amazon Customer
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