New Batch Service Delivers 10,000 Names & Phone Numbers in Under 20 Minutes.

summary launches new batch search service capable of appending up to five phone numbers and five names for up to 10,000 address records. As a web based tool, it’s compatible for all operating systems, phone number and name append provides results in less than 20 minutes. Continue reading

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Jan 14, 2014 /prREACH/ -- SearchBug, an Encinitas, California-based company offering custom search and data append, has added a new batch search to its repertoire of services. With access to an extensive database of White and Yellow Pages listings, public data records and regulated data Searchbug allows businesses to locate and access customer and business information such as addresses and phone numbers, and even SSNs to qualified businesses.

This means information for over 15 million businesses and 220 million consumer records from within public records as wells as private sources are just a SearchBug click away.

The new batch phone number and name append expands customer's search capabilities. Businesses doing search queries supply a compatible file containing names along with full or partial addresses. They may also submit a list of addresses only to obtain name and/or phone numbers. "SearchBug uses a multitude of databases and private data feeds and combine them with algorithms to try and locate the most reliable information possible", says a company representative. SearchBug will append up to five names and five phone numbers for each record queried.

Some of the features of the batch append service are:

• CSV or Tab Delimited TXT files accepted • Processed using Internet Browser so it's PC, Mac, and Unix compatible • Up to 10,000 records queried per request • Process now option delivers result in under 20 minutes depending on file size

The capacity to process up to 10,000 records per query with the batch search feature makes obtaining customer and business information fast, easy, and convenient. Data scrubbing occurs in real time. Once the query is complete, SearchBug sends back a .txt file with the retrieved contact information appended in additional columns. Results are immediately made available.Optionally a schedule processing option sends an email alert once the query is complete and the updated document is ready for download.

Though access to the service is currently limited to append names and phone numbers in the United States, steps are underway to add features to obtain or update addresses, email addresses and more.

About SearchBug: SearchBug finds, extracts, processes and presents personal information from various on-line, private and proprietary databases in order to find missing persons, confirm contact data as well as clean and update off line contact information via API and Batch processing.  SearchBug is a public records research company operating online. The primary services include locating and investigating businesses, individuals, pertinent business addresses and phone numbers, etc.   The company’s clients belong to a number of industries, for instance, collection agencies, financial institutions, insurance companies, and government agencies.

Contact Details: Phone: (800) 990-2939 Fax: (760) 454-7341 Email: support at searchbug dot com Address: SearchBug Inc., 364 2nd St. Suite 4, Encinitas, CA 92024 Online:

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Noah Wieder

SearchBug uses a multitude of databases, private data feeds, and proprietary sources; using proprietary algorithms locates the most reliable information possible.
- Noah Wieder
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