New Book on Collaboration and Leadership Launches to Strong Reviews


Canadian collaboration expert, David B. Savage, has released a new book designed to support leaders looking to cause a lasting, positive impact on their organizations, communities, families, and the global community. Break Through to Yes: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration is also the first truly collaborative book on collaboration, featuring contributions from over 100 experts from five countries. Continue reading

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Apr 18, 2016 /prREACH/ -- International business consultant and speaker David B. Savage has published his latest book, Break Through to Yes: Unlocking the Possible within a Culture of Collaboration. Previously a contributor in Amazon business bestseller Ready Aim Excel: 52 Leadership Lessons, Savage focuses his message on collaboration, and what it takes to make a lasting, positive difference on any organization, community or business culture.

Break Through to Yes is also the first truly collaborative book focused on collaboration, featuring the contributions of over 100 industry experts from around the world, who provide readers with clearly wide-ranging potential application. Continuing the collaborative approach, Savage refined his message on his sixteen-episode podcast series, which featured invaluable input from forty-six expert guests.

Break Through To Yes – the book and podcast series – is a direct response to the concern and frustration Savage finds weighing heavily on the part of his clients. He states in the introduction, “Our systems and organizational cultures are not functioning properly. Our regulatory and legal systems too often fail both the proponent and the opponent. Why do we continue to waste time, resources and people on so many poorly managed projects? Break Through to Yes promises to deliver a method to make collaboration work for you and your company. With this book, you are guided to create the conditions that promote innovation and break through within and across your business and network. Seize this opportunity to join a movement of progressive, principled and successful leaders who are daily creating the conditions to promote innovation and breakthrough within their businesses and networks.” Early reviews for Break Through to Yes suggest it is a book that will provide value for any individual and team looking for better results by utilizing the power of true collaboration. Kirkus Reviews declared that the book “couldn't be more timely,” and called it “a treatise on building a cooperative culture within families, groups, businesses and government.”

Break Through to Yes is organized into four key parts: Part One: Why I Believe in the Urgency of Collaboration Part Two: The Discipline of Collaboration Part Three: The 10 Essential Steps to Collaboration Part Four: Break Through Each part includes contributions from international experts, results of extensive surveys and examples from collaborative initiatives and Savage's more than four decades of professional experience.

Part One lays out the advantages of focusing on collaboration in communities and why it can often fail. Part Two explores the discipline required to effectively collaborate and offers an assessment tool for determining the current “collaborative ecosystem” within an organization. Part Three provides ten specific steps to follow when looking to implement a culture of organizational collaboration. With its focus on making lasting change, the ten-step process does not list the actual gathering of people until step six, because a lot is required of leaders to really cultivate that culture. Part Four completes the training with a look at how to effectively craft circles and teams within an organization and provides the logic and value behind utilizing a new, senior level position within an organization ¬– the “Chief Collaboration Officer”. Savage dedicates this book “To our granddaughters and grandsons and to all who believe leading for ‘we’ is greater than leading for ‘me.’”

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