New Episode of “I Know This Guy” Podcast Features Lil Roberts


Norman Farrar welcomes Lil Roberts as the guest in a new episode of Norman Farrar’s popular podcast, “I Know This Guy.” A serial entrepreneur and innovator, Roberts is the CEO and founder of a South Florida-based fintech company named Xendoo. Continue reading


Jul 28, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Norman Farrar is building an impressive following through his recently launched podcast, "I Know This Guy." In this podcast, Farrar and his son, Hayden, invite some of the most interesting people the senior Farrar has met throughout his long and rewarding career for a chat. In a recently aired episode of the podcast, Farrar's guest was Lil Roberts, a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about small businesses. Roberts is immensely respected in the industry as an innovator with an enviable ability to foresee market trends. She is the CEO and founder of Xendoo, a South-Florida-based fintech company that offers innovative online accounting and bookkeeping solutions as well as data-driven insights to small business owners.

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Over the course of her candid discussion with Farrar, Roberts reveals that she was born and raised in South Florida and has spent her whole life there. Her father was an over-the-road truck driver and her family was not well-to-do by any means. Sadly she lost her father at the age of 10 and subsequently lost her grandmother and three brothers within the next few years. However, instead of getting overwhelmed by the turn of events, Roberts decided to focus her energy on the good things that came out of these adverse situations.

"You learn that no matter what, sun's gonna shine the next day, right? And that you have a choice in life that you can make good out of things, or you can be a victim, right? You can either say, oh my God, this happened to me, or you can go out there and you can try to make a difference, try to change it. And so for me, that's what I did," Roberts explains.

Roberts is a strong believer that her positive outlook on life has been a critical factor behind her success as an entrepreneur. Throughout her life, she has tried to make the most out of whatever has come her way, without trying to understand or overthink it. Farrar and Roberts discussed this and many other life lessons, providing a fascinating insight into the background of the two entrepreneurs.

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About Lil Roberts

I'm a serial entrepreneur with a passion for people, animals and business, and a believer in maintaining values and integrity in my business and personal life. As an adrenaline junkie and lifelong learner, it's my vision and drive for innovative strategy and aggressive execution that has led me to fund many companies over the years. Today, I serve as founder and CEO of Xendoo, a cloud-based SaaS disruptor in the accounting space.  | [email protected] | | | |  


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