New Episode of “Lunch with Norm” Features Professional Organizer, Kathi Burns


In a recent episode of his Facebook Live series, “Lunch with Norm,” Norman Farrar hosted Kathi Burns. The founder of, Burns is a board-certified professional organizer, image consultant, author and speaker. Continue reading


Jul 23, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Norman Farrar is enjoying presenting insightful interviews with eminent guests on his new Facebook Live series, "Lunch with Norm." In the latest episode of the series, noted professional organizer and image consultant, Kathi Burns, features as the guest. In a candid discussion, Burns shared useful organizing hacks that can be used by businesses and entrepreneurs to become more organized and energized in life.

Farrar's entire Facebook Live interview with Kathi Burns is available to watch at

Board-certified professional organizer, Burns, has been on a mission to "remove the unnecessary, add space, transform and energize lives" for the last 17 years. She is the founder of, an entity dedicated to creating the space and systems that all families and businesses can use to increase their energy and improve their lives dramatically. Burns is also a speaker and has already published two books. Her advice has been featured in multiple national media outlets, including Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Entrepreneur Magazine and more.

In the interview, Burns explains that earlier in her career, she was an Ocean Operators Licensed Captain. She firmly believes that this profession taught her to get organized in life, which paved the way for her current profession. She says, "When you set off to sea, and you have a duffel bag, you better have everything you need because there is no turning back. So, it came about that I would have to be super organized when I packed, and most importantly, when I unpacked aboard, I had to know where everything was."

A renowned Amazon FBA coach, Farrar has extensive knowledge of product sourcing, specialty packaging, brand building, social media and content marketing. He appears regularly in his recently launched podcast series, "I Know This Guy," as well as on Facebook Live shows to share the inspiring life stories of people, such as Kathi Burns, that he has met throughout his prolific journey as an entrepreneur.

To find out more about Norman Farrar and his Facebook Live series, "Lunch with Norm," please visit his Facebook page.



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