New Episode of “I Know This Guy” Features Melissa Simonson


In a recent episode of Norman Farrar’s podcast, “I Know This Guy,” Melissa Simonson was present as the guest. Simonson is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Empowery eCommerce Cooperative, a nonprofit helping other entrepreneurs. Continue reading


Jul 09, 2020 /prREACH/ -- In a recent episode of "I Know This Guy," Norman Farrar welcomed noted entrepreneur and e-commerce expert, Melissa Simonson, as his valued guest. A self-made entrepreneur for more than three decades, Farrar is considered one of the most knowledgeable e-commerce sellers in the business. Through his podcast, Farrar digs into the struggles, successes, and stories of interesting people he has met over the years.

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Melissa Simonson started her entrepreneurial journey out of necessity. Later on, she shifted her focus on e-commerce and currently manages the member-owned nonprofit, Empowery eCommerce Cooperative, to help other entrepreneurs. She hosts the eCommerce Connection show and has spoken at many events, including a Catalyst88 Mastermind event in London, the Empowery Women's Conference, the White Label Expo and many others.

In the podcast, Simonson spoke in detail about her mindset of making things better for people around her. Contrary to common perception, she also revealed that she is an introvert, and this trait has made her powerful as a person. Farrar and Simonson discussed Empowery eCommerce Cooperative at length. Simonson mentioned that she founded it to help e-commerce entrepreneurs succeed in business and life.

When asked about her experience working in a male-dominated industry, Simonson said, "I think that it can be fairly intimidating. But for me, I think that it's all in how you approach it. It's how you approach it. Conversation with a group of guys -- I know the feeling of being hesitant to approach that conversation and feel like you're excluded or not feel like you can connect with the people who are men most of the time. But I think that in practice, it's about your perspective and your approach."

Farrar and Simonson chatted about many other interesting facts and life events during the show. Toward the end of the episode, Simonson mentioned that she could be contacted via her official website and social media platforms.

To find out more about Norman Farrar and his podcast, please visit his official website.



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