New Life Map & Vision Board Combination Framework Released by Dezzein Intl.


Dezzein International has recently created the 3D life VisionTM template to help individuals create their unique life map. A cross between a personal life map and vision board, this framework allows people to build solid foundations for their lives. Continue reading


Pymble, New South Wales, Jun 22, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Dezzein International is pleased to announce that it has recently introduced the 3D life Vision™ template, a personal and straightforward life map that anyone can use to design the life vision that is true to them. The model also functions as a personal vision board and helps build solid life foundations. The 3D Life Vision™ template has been designed by Liz Lions, the founder and international director for Dezzein International.

More about the life map framework can be found at

According to Lions, people often feel stuck or anxious about their future during these uncertain times. Many people regret not accomplishing the best possible life outcomes for themselves. The 3D life Vision™ template guides individuals to make better decisions about all aspects of their lives while ensuring that they live a life that is true to themselves.

The true value of this concept, as billionaire industrial psychologist Fred Fishback says, is in encouraging people to sit down and work out what they want from life. He said, "Early on in my career, I assessed top executives in the pinnacle of their careers. When asked what they would do differently if they could do it all again, the most common answers were those who hadn't finished their college education were bothered by it. Secondly, and by far, the top regret, was that they wished they'd spent more time with their children and family when they were younger. That's why undertaking this process is brilliant."

"The worst part of this process is when people discover that they have a whole life aspect missing. In our first workshop, we had people realizing they had no 'savings or investments,' one man had no 'spirituality or tranquility,' and one lady no 'fun or adventure' in her life. Life can be much harder financially if you haven't saved or invested money. Or worse still, imagine getting to the end of your life and realizing you've never had a spiritual relationship or never had any fun. But the good part is that they can see it in front of them and do something about it before it's too late," says Lions.

The 3D Life Vision™ process works by guiding individuals to apply well-known techniques that are currently used by top athletes and highly successful people. The template is personalized and supported with a workbook, two guided meditations and a webinar.

Some of the most important benefits of the template are that it:

  • Provides a clear direction
  • Helps people make better decisions
  • Builds solid life foundations and personal resilience
  • Starts attracting and manifesting what people want in life
  • Aligns life to one's values and purpose

Other versions of the template are also available so that shared visions can be mapped out by couples and families.

More about Liz Lions and her recently released 3D life Vision™ template can be found by visiting her website at


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