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Cheyenne, WY, June 27, 2014, Uncle Dave’s Organics, a company on a mission to make it simple to live a healthy life in a healthier world, introduces their new organic Botanical Soil Activator. The liquid organic concentrate is 100% plant-based, safe to use around kids and pets, and increases garden yield from ten to thirty percent. Uncle Dave’s plans to raise the entire amount of seed capital needed to fund initial production using the popular crowdfunding website, Indiegogo. ( Continue reading

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Jul 08, 2014 /prREACH/ -- According to company president, David Hlavac, “our new organic Botanical Soil Activator will have your plants, lawns, and gardens producing ‘eye-popping’ results in no time. You’ll have vibrant lawns, healthier trees and plants, and gardens that produce bigger and tastier fruits and vegetables all while using LESS water and LESS fertilizer. The product feeds and stimulates the growth and activity of the good micro-organisms t that live in your soil. This is important because, as Ohio State researchers have noted, there are more micro organisms in a teaspoon of healthy soil than there are people on the earth. Soils contain bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa and nematodes that work to convert fertilizers and bio-mass into food for your plants. “ (See )

Hlavac says that when he started researching how to save a lemon tree that was dying in his back yard, he discovered that the dirt it was growing in was actually alive but not healthy. He learned that stimulating the microbial life in the soil would help convert fertilizer and bio-mass to useable food for his tree. He also learned that healthy active soil helps plants absorb water and nutrients more effectively. As a result the plant produces a bigger, stronger, healthier root system. Healthy plants and soils allow us to use less water and use less fertilizer and still get better results!

This research inspired David to formulate Uncle Dave’s new organic Botanical Soil Activator based on similar products used in large agricultural applications. After applying the product several times over a three-month period, his lemon tree is now producing an abundance of healthy, juicy lemons. And the lemons are bigger and tastier! Hlavac’s biggest ‘ah-ha’ moment came when he realized that using his soil activator would allow him to use less fertilizer and that would help to reduce environmental runoff which in turn benefits not only his yard and community but the entire planet!

The company is launching their Botanical Soil Activator using Indiegogo, ( a popular crowd-funding website that helps entrepreneurs launch and fund new product offerings. The Uncle Dave’s Organics Botanical Soil Activator campaign will begin on July 8th 2014. Those interested in supporting Uncle Dave’s Organics, growing healthier food and helping the world learn how to use less water and protect the environment should visit

About Uncle Dave’s Organics : is a company with a mission to make it simple to live a healthy life in a healthier world. Uncle Dave’s is an environmentally-friendly and socially-conscious online business based in Wyoming, that creates and sells organic, natural, and sustainable products for home and garden use.

For more information about this campaign, or to schedule an interview with Uncle Dave (David Hlavac), contact him directly at [email protected] or at 888-720-1946 Website:

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