Newly Revised Release – 5 Book Series, “Two Runs of Stone” by Steven D. Nielsen

  • Date: Dec 28, 2016
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Steven D. Nielsen, #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, is releasing a newly revised edition of all 5 books in the “Two Runs of Stone” Series. All 5 books have had some minor revisions, book covers updated and final editing recently done. This series is the completed version of the story of the settling of western America during the 1860’s. Continue reading

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Dec 28, 2016 /prREACH/ -- Historical Romance Fiction Writer, Steven D. Nielsen has just released a newly revised version of all 5 books in the “Two Runs of Stone” series. Through previous book releases Nielsen has become recognized as an Amazon Number One Best Selling Author. Over the past year or so, Nielsen has gone through each book, updating, making revisions and giving all five books a final edit and new book covers to present a finalized version now available in paperback.

Within the pages of the 5 novels making up the "Two Runs of Stone" series, readers are swept from the culture and wealth of Victorian Denmark across vast oceans and the violent plains of Western America into the breathtaking and primitive expanse of valleys surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains!

Readers travel along with Catherine Jensen, a wealthy heiress to a fortune in jewels, as she leaves Denmark and heads off on a great adventure across the ocean to America to find her lover. Journey along on a spine-tingling adventure that promises heart pounding excitement, historical enrichment, and enhanced knowledge of the stuff that makes the United States what it is. Along the way, discover the virtual paradise that is America, future home for the world's masses of impoverished, unpretentious and industrious immigrants to build their future!

This 5-book saga of “Two Runs of Stone”, tells a quite thrilling and entertaining, yet very accurate story that readers will long remember with great fondness!

Volume One: “A Beckoning Call” This thrilling historical fiction portrays Victorian Denmark and a wealthy milling family caught in a whirlwind of politics, monarchial and religious oppression, amid philosophical awakening and a new thirst for basic human freedom. Take a trip in time thru the grandeur of Copenhagen; sail the deep and powerful fjords of Scandinavia on billowing wind-ships; ride on velvet and leather upholstery in horse drawn carriages and surging locomotives; feel love blossom in wooded parks; walk the lush countryside waving golden grains ripe for the windmill’s blades; finally listen as cannons roar, muskets fire and bayonets flash amid thick smoke on muddy battlefields. Meanwhile, observe as a breath-taking necklace handcrafted by a master jeweler weaves a common thread throughout a saga, rich in human spirit.

Volume Two: “Windships America” In “Windships America”, readers follow Peter and Maren Jensen, Claus and Gunda Wangsgaard, and a few hundred Danish Saints as they meet up with English members on their way to Zion via windships and riverboats. Join Torkil Olsen whose unfaithful wife opens an entirely new world of possibilities to Catherine Jensen’s head miller and close friend. And go with Catherine Jensen herself, as a visitor from the past literally transforms her life!

Volume Three: “Heart’s Desire” As Book Three of the series opens, Peter Jensen and company are underway, however not everyone in the original party decides to leave the plains of Atchison, Kansas. Two young men married local girls and at least a dozen others including eight Mormons who decide that the growing area was exactly what they were hoping to find in America will be staying behind. That said, the balance of the travelers are now traversing the wintry Midwestern flatlands along the Missouri River. Pushing forward on the frozen ground supporting their heavily loaded north bound wagons, with hopeful hearts and faith in God, the majority are now steadfast and determined as before.

Volume Four: “Wagons West” Book Four starts off four days out of snowy Wyoming City as Jess Plowman holds up his hand to stop the long line of wagons in the wagon train. Reports gradually come in from group leaders of broken axels, wobbly wheels, broken harnesses, split yokes and injuries to many travelers. Hundreds of muddy iron rimmed wheels with steaming hubs and long wooden spokes rest in the rutted trails as women, children and old men pour out of the canvas covered wagons to catch a breath of clean air and stretch their legs. Repairs begin in earnest as many will be working by lantern light far into the night.

Volume Five: “Full Circle” Book Five, Full Circle is presented as two novels in one, in that Section I and Section II are complete stories in and of themselves, and could have been published in two separate books. With it’s thrilling conclusion, Book Five takes the reader full circle in a historically accurate series, the story line of which will be long remembered. A pioneer map and genealogy chart are included at the beginning of each section and a quick review of both will be invaluable for time and place orientation, not to mention the cast of characters in this exciting and thoroughly entertaining novel.

For more information on all 5 books, CLICK HERE! CLICK HERE to listen to an interview with Steven D. Nielsen

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