Night Vision Driving Glasses with Groundbreaking Melanin Lenses Launch


Acuity NightDrive EyeWear, innovative night driving glasses from HiTek Speks, uses patented synthetic melanin-infused lenses to enhance vision while driving at night. This specially designed eyewear is now available as a Kickstarter reward for project backers. Continue reading


Rockport, MA, Oct 01, 2019 /prREACH/ -- HiTek Speks, an organization dedicated to manufacturing high-quality eyewear using the latest scientific breakthroughs, has started a crowdfunding campaign for its new night driving glasses, Acuity NightDrive EyeWear. The product was created to reduce night-driving fatalities by helping people see better at night.

Statistics cite road accidents as the most frequent cause of accidental death in the United States. Although there are fewer cars on the road, more than half of car-accident deaths occur at night because of reduced lighting and the added glare from headlights. HiTek Speks anticipates that its Acuity NightDrive EyeWear will become a game-changer in night-driving safety.

According to top eye-care professionals, the visibility issues during night-driving can be addressed by using eyewear with little to no tinting and an anti-reflective coating on both sides of the eyewear lenses. To help improve nighttime vision further, HiTek Spek’s Acuity NightDrive EyeWear comes with patented synthetic melanin-infused lenses.

A natural pigment in the human body, melanin is present in some quantities behind the retina of the eyes. It offers several vision-related benefits, including critical visual acuity, glare reduction, greater detail and distinct definition and crisp contrast and clarity. As individuals grow older, however, they lose some of their natural melanin.

Synthetic melanin was first pioneered by a team of researchers at Yale University. The company contracted with Dr. James Gallas to use his patented version of synthetic melanin in its night vision glasses for driving, which HiTek Speks has now named melaneye.

“Acuity NightDrive EyeWear is a safer and superior night driving companion compared to the widely available tinted night-driving glasses because these products do nothing to enhance drivers’ vision. In fact, using the glasses can be extremely dangerous because they create a false sense of security while actually impairing visual performance and suppressing the natural responses of our eyes,” says a spokesperson from HiTek Speks.

After a series of tests, Acuity NightDrive EyeWear is ready to hit the market. The Kickstarter campaign’s funding goal is $5,000 and backers can reserve a pair of the glasses at a discount as a reward for their support.

To pre-order Acuity NightDrive EyeWear night vision glasses from HiTek Speks, visit the company’s Kickstarter page.


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