Noise-Reducing Earplugs Brand Shares the Dynamics of Hearing Loss


EarPeace, the leading brand for hearing protection during live music and entertainment, motorsports and safety, discussed the dynamics of hearing loss. The brand’s noise-reducing earplugs are precision-designed to offer clear, crisp sounds at a safer volume. Continue reading


Washington, DC, Nov 12, 2020 /prREACH/ -- EarPeace is on a mission to meaningfully change the way people consider their hearing health and options to protect it. The company recently shared the dynamics of hearing loss and how its expertly designed noise reducing earplugs provide hearing protection with a fit that rivals custom-molded earplugs.

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Hearing loss can present itself under a variety of circumstances. It can be present at birth or occur later in life, can last a short time or a lifetime, can be partial or total, slight to profound in severity and can be present in one ear (unilateral) or both ears (bilateral). The company explains that hearing loss can come in three distinct forms:

  1. Conductive, involving the outer ear. This form of hearing loss happens when sounds cannot get through the outer and middle ear, but the inner ear functions normally. It may be hard to hear soft sounds, and louder sounds may be muffled.
  2. Sensorineural, involving the inner ear (cochlea). This occurs from damage to the inner ear, the nerve that runs from the ear to the brain (auditory nerve), or the brain. Individuals may notice a decreased sensitivity to sound, but there is often also a decrease in the sound's clarity. Sound may reach the inner ear, but it is not received clearly by the brain because of damage to the cochlea or auditory nerve.
  3. Mixed, involving both conductive and sensorineural. This is caused by a combination of conductive damage in the outer or middle ear and sensorineural damage in the inner ear or auditory nerve. Genetic factors, overexposure to loud noise, certain medications and the normal aging process can lead to sensorineural hearing loss.

"Very rarely does hearing loss occur overnight. It's a gradual process. It may begin with ringing in your ears. Or diminished audibility. Voices may seem muffled or altogether indistinct. But progressively, the symptoms become gradually worse, with some cases resulting in partial or total deafness," says the company's senior spokesperson.

According to a report released by the Hearing Loss Association of America, "Hearing loss has been shown to negatively impact nearly every dimension of the human experience, including physical health, emotional and mental health, perceptions of mental acuity, social skills, family relationships, and self-esteem, as well as work and school performance." The report says that approximately 48 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss, and surprisingly, 22 million Americans, or about 22 percent, are exposed to hazardous noise levels in the workplace.

The most common causes of hearing loss are aging and noise exposure. The brand recommends avoiding excessive noise at work, lowering the volume controls on home electronics, using noise reducing earplugs at concerts and discos, limiting exposure time in overcrowded or excessively noisy places such as restaurants and cafes, wearing ear protection when using power tools and machines and educating children at a young age about their hearing and its delicacy.

The brand's Reusable High Fidelity Earplugs provide the hearing protection needed in high volume situations while maintaining clear, crisp sound. "Our premium, hypoallergenic silicone earplugs have a dual flange design that gently seals the ear with no hard edges," notes the company. The precision-engineered earplugs come in a set of three that offer between 17 and 26 decibels noise reduction, are low profile and have a convenient tab for easy removal. The reusable earplugs come in a handy aluminum carry case with a keychain clip that keeps the earplugs safe, clean and easy to transport.

For those interested in additional information about EarPeace and its reusable earplugs for hearing protection, visit the company's official website or Amazon storefront.


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