Norman Farrar Hosts Carlos Alvarez in Latest Facebook Live Video


Norman Farrar hosts Carlos Alvarez in a new Facebook Live video. Alvarez is the founder of Bluebird Marketing Solutions and Wizards of Amazon, both resources which are tailor-made for the empowerment of online sellers. Continue reading


Aug 03, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Norman Farrar, an e-commerce and Amazon marketing expert, hosts Carlos Alvarez in his latest Facebook Live video. Alvarez is a successful Amazon retailer who created Bluebird Marketing Solutions to help empower online sellers with the techniques that he has learned over 20 years. He has also founded other entrepreneurship platforms, such as the Wizards of Amazon.

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Alvarez says, "I have been in the e-commerce sector for over 20 years now and have learned tons of things, rather, solutions that I'd love to share with upcoming entrepreneurs. We have online meetup groups for both new and existing Amazon sellers of all experience levels who love to learn new strategies and take their Amazon sales to the next level."

During the Facebook Live, Alvarez tells Farrar the process involved for sellers to get involved with the meetups. "Anyone interested should visit the Wizards of Amazon site and sign up. Here, they can access different links and information regarding the meetings and other events." Details on when and where the meetings take place are also posted there as well as a link to Alvarez's Instagram account and a telegram account is available for sellers who want to follow him or the discussion group. Meetings are available in different languages to accommodate larger groups of people from all over the world.

"I am proud to have been able to build other sites besides the Wizards of Amazon, the largest Amazon Seller Meetup group in the world. I am also a frequent keynote speaker at events and conferences, Meetup's first City Organizer, and a Fiverr Community Manager for the city of Miami. I was recently featured in the Miami Herald and Washington Post."

Norman Farrar, the Facebook Live video host, is an established entrepreneur and Amazon marketing guru. He also hosts a podcast called "I Know This Guy" with his son.

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About Carlos Alvarez

Carlos Alvarez is an Amazon marketing consultant and teacher. He is also the CEO of Blue Bird Marketing Solutions and founder of Wizards of Amazon. His goal is to empower, teach, and help brands and entrepreneurs in the Amazon selling profession. | [email protected] | | |



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