Norman Farrar Interviews Successful E-commerce Seller, Elena Saris


Noted entrepreneur, mentor, and podcaster, Norman Farrar, recently held a Facebook Live event featuring Elena Saris. A former standup comic, Saris is a successful criminal defense attorney as well as a seven-figure e-commerce seller. Continue reading


Jul 21, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Norman Farrar recently hosted a Facebook Live event featuring criminal defense attorney and successful e-commerce seller, Elena Saris. An Amazon, e-commerce and online marketing expert, Farrar is now a reputed business coach dedicated to sharing his wealth of experience with others. He has recently gained much attention with his new podcast titled, "I Know This Guy."

The entire Facebook live event with Norman Farrar and Elena Saris is now available at

A criminal defense attorney by profession, Saris is the co-founder of Source In Asia and ECom Roadmap. These businesses exist to match e-commerce sellers with sourcing agents to help them rapidly scale their business, assisting people in learning how to sell online successfully. Saris is now dedicated to assisting e-commerce sellers grow their online empires by teaching them the power of small commodities. Elena has worked with e-commerce masterminds from all over the world and consulted some of the most successful Amazon sellers.

In the Facebook live event, Farrar introduces Saris as one of his "non-Amazon great friends." Saris explains to Farrar that she didn't take the traditional route to e-commerce. She went to law school and has practiced criminal law for 25 years. She also mentions that she worked for a couple of years as a standup comic in a small club.

Saris explains that her involvement with e-commerce started when she decided to learn how to make money online. Being a lawyer, she wanted to teach people the art of being better at trials. She created some legal videos and enrolled in a Facebook advertising course. Saris started by selling T-shirts, but soon had great success marketing her videos teaching people how to be a better lawyer.

"I knew that the same things I am telling jurors in terms of trying to persuade them would work in terms of selling. This opportunity called Amazon came up, and I jumped on that bandwagon in 2014 and did really well. Then this opportunity named Shopify came up, and the sky is the limit now with that," Saris says.

Many more interesting topics are discussed in the half-hour-long discussion. The entire session can be viewed now via Facebook.

To find out more about Norman Farrar and his work, please visit his official website.


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