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    Nuru International Introduces Self-Sustaining Agricultural Models

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    Nuru International is a non-profit organization started by a USMC special forces officer. It believes that extreme poverty is a contributing factor to terrorism, and therefore seeks peace by reducing severe poverty.

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    Countries around the world find themselves fighting some form of terrorism, whether it be in the form of an international network such as Al-Qaeda, or an organization focused purely on domestic issues such as Peru's Shining Path. Regardless of an insurrectionist group's agenda, extreme poverty can be a contributing factor for people not otherwise predisposed to deadly violence. California-based nonprofit organization Nuru International aims to fight terrorism by fighting extreme poverty around the world. A major method of Nuru International is teaching farmers in the developing world how to reach self-sustainability through their agricultural model.

    Nuru International discusses in substantial detail what causes extreme poverty, as outlined at http://www.nuruinternational.org/blog/tag/cause-and-effects-of-poverty. To a large extent, extreme poverty in agricultural areas results from poor education and training, lack of quality inputs like seed and fertilizer, and lack of access to capital to weather economic shocks. Nuru International attacks such situations via its agricultural model which instructs people about self-sustainability in agriculture. The organization’s program, with no doubt more than a little help from a beneficial rainy season, assisted Kenyan farmers in increasing their corn crop by 123 percent in 2012.

    Nuru International uses social innovation, as described at http://www.nuruinternational.org/model/. The organization shares its successful track record as well as continuing objectives via social media. The organization believes particularly in grass roots partnerships around the world and invites individuals and groups to share ideas and successes via the Nuru International social media as well as their own.

    Nuru International's model is different because it focuses on “who,” not simply “what.” The program revolves around identifying and engaging the most promising local leaders. These leaders are then mentored and equipped with the necessary skills such as critical thinking, teambuilding, and leadership as integrated concepts within the overall leadership program.

    About Nuru International: Founded by former Marine Jake Harriman, Nuru International creates innovative programs for social change in Kenya and Ethiopia. The California-based company fights poverty through their core model of identifying and guiding local leaders as they motivate their communities to make a difference.

    For More Information:

    Kim Do Nuru International 16400 Pacific Coast Hwy. Suite 218 Huntington Beach, California United States 92649 (949) 667-0796 [email protected] http://www.nuruinternational.org/

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