olivewood24 Announces Its Selection of Pestles and Mortars


olivewood24 is a brand of kitchen products made from durable and beautiful wood from olive trees. The company announces the release of its product line of wooden pestles and mortars. Continue reading

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Feb 20, 2015 /prREACH/ -- The Southern California-based company olivewood24 has provided unique olive wood utensils to the US market since 2014. The company recently announced an extension of its product line by adding a selection of mortars and pestles.

Olive wood has been a favorite natural material for handcrafting kitchenware items in Mediterranean countries for centuries. The wood is known to be an excellent option for crafting cutting boards, serving bowls, platters and other items. German immigrant and frequent visitor to Mediterranean countries Sonja Vollmer founded olivewood24 in order provide Americans with the same quality kitchen products that impressed her during trips to Italy and Turkey. By offering olive wood mortars and pestles, olivewood24 gives customers the ability to pulverize fine herbs with the help of classic, resilient tools.

Olivewood24 mortars, as seen at https://www.olivewood24.com/mortars-pestles/, are available in several different varieties. The company’s website offers basins and pounding utensils in different shapes. Olivewood24, as seen at https://www.olivewood24.com/platters-bowls/, also offers bowls and plates in a selection of specific service dishes and snack platters.

Along with offering shoppers a notable selection at competitive prices, the olivewood24 website provides prospective customers with advice about caring for the utensils they have purchased so that they will have a long lifespan regardless of how frequently they are used. For example, olive wood should never be washed in a dishwasher and should be kept way from sunlight and heat as much as possible. Olive oil is recommended as protection against olive wood bowls and platters becoming overly dried.

Grinding fresh, dried spices and herbs is simple when using a true olive wood mortar and pestle. olivewood24, as seen at https://www.olivewood24.com, offers its line of mortar and pestles to help consumers move away from unnatural plastic and metal utensils.

About olivewood24: With attention to detail and craftsmanship, olivewood24 offers only the very best olive wood products at the lowest possible prices, making it easy for anyone to own quality olive wood pieces.

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