OmegaPet Deshedding Tool Named Top New Release in Amazon’s Pet Grooming Category

  • Date: Aug 17, 2015
  • Category: Retail

OmegaPet celebrates their new Deshedding Tool for Dogs being recognized as the number one new release in pet grooming supplies on Pet owners can enjoy cleaner homes and healthier pets in as little as 15 minutes. Continue reading

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Aug 17, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Pet care company OmegaPet has announced their latest pet grooming solution, a deshedding tool for dogs, has been recognized as the number one release in the pet grooming supplies category on Amazon, directly challenging the leading deshedding product of the last several years.  Company leaders are confident the sleek design, simple cleaning process, and premium construction sets them atop the race for best brush for dogs.

Shedding fur is a normal part of life for pets that allows the loss of older and often dead hair to happen, so new hair can grow in. While some pets shed seasonally, others like indoor pets and short-haired pets, may shed all year. Making time to brush one’s pet can help determine where the bulk of that hair ends up -- in the trash or everywhere else. In addition to a clean home, grooming one’s cat or dog can offer real benefits including preventing painful knots and tangles, minimizing pet dander in the home, early detection of illness or parasites, and boosting the pet-person bond.

The new pet grooming release has been well received from the professional grooming community, with one Arizona based master groomer deeming it “sturdier, sexier and cheaper than other popular brands”. Designed with the input of industry-leading professional groomers, the sleek device offers a comfortable and effective brushing experience for dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes. With a 4-inch adjustable blade, the pet grooming brush works well for small and large pets alike. It was intricately designed for maximum ergonomic comfort.

The deshedding tool has seen highly positive reviews from everyday pet owners as well, with one satisfied Amazon reviewer exclaiming, "very impressive dog works well, grabs a lot of hair, and is easy to clean". The ease of cleaning the tool has been a fan favorite mentioned by several initial customers, who have suggested that the easy eject button offers a higher level of tool maintenance than any other brush for dogs on the market.

The deshedding tool is reported to not only keep pets clean and comfortable, but to also reduce the level of shedding, flyaway hair, and pet dander that are often found in various parts of the home. This has been shown to cut down on allergic reactions and to create a cleaner atmosphere with less need for lint and pet hair brushes on clothing and furniture.

After the success of the brand’s initial pet grooming tool, a high quality pet nail clipper set, company leaders identified there was a shortage of high quality, long lasting pet grooming supplies. The deshedding tool represents the second solution in the company’s growing lineup, which is soon to be joined by a dematting comb for pets. Not forsaking their pet wellness roots, OmegaPet also released it’s premium glucosamine for dogs, a hip and joint supplement comprised of glucosamine, msm, and chondroitin.

Customers can find the deshedding tool for cats, along with all OmegaPet products, on or their website UK customers find OmegaPet products at, although not all products have yet been shipped internationally.

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Jason Bright

I am very impressed with this brush. It works well, grabs a lot of hair, and is easy to clean! I have had brushes in the past that did work good, but none were as easy to clean as this one!
- Jason Bright
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