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Honu Worldwide shares details about its online product sourcing and freight service options for Amazon sellers. These two services help sellers scale their e-commerce businesses by cutting sourcing and shipping costs. Continue reading


Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Jan 05, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Honu Worldwide is excited to discuss its online product sourcing and freight service options for Amazon sellers. These services allow sellers to efficiently expand business on any e-commerce platform by easing the sourcing and shipping processes.

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For sellers who have found a perfect product and are thinking of creating a brand around it, Honu Worldwide has services to help. A spokesperson from the company says, "Our private label sourcing is perfect for that. Simply tell us about your product through our quick and easy product questionnaire, and we’ll take care of the rest."

Honu Worldwide’s dedicated experts work with clients through its CRM Dashboard. Clients can choose from the Private Label Plan or the premium Inventor Plan The client is then directed to the company's product questionnaire page where they will provide details about the product of interest. Honu Worldwide experts pick up from there so clients can easily scale business. After this, the client can track the project status, send files, sign contracts and much more through the dashboard.

The company also provides its clients with freight services. “Have you ever felt that you are at the mercy of your freight forwarder? There are many tweaks with your shipping strategy that could save you thousands and our team helps you achieve exactly that," the spokesperson adds.

Honu Worldwide helps online sellers move products from their preferred suppliers in China to their selling location. Once the seller contacts their choice supplier and has made the payments, the supplier will package the items and Honu Worldwide freight services will pick up from any address in China and deliver to most destinations in the US, Canada and Europe at an affordable rate.

"At Honu, our goal is to help you design the best and most cost-effective ways to move your inventory from China to the United States. Let us help you save costs and put profit back in your pocket by simply charging up your shipping strategies," the spokesperson continues.

The company has three main types of freight services. One of these is the Ocean Freight service, which ships products from China to the United States, Europe and Canada. Honu Worldwide also offers high-speed ocean services that move products by sea from China to the United States at a faster rate. The third freight service is referred to as Air Cargo, which forwards products to clients from China to the United States by air.

Anyone interested in a free quote or more information about the sourcing services for online sellers should visit the company’s official website.


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