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More and more online sellers are now relying on Honu Worldwide for efficient product sourcing and freight services to scale business. The company’s comprehensive range of solutions helps online businesses avoid overpaying their suppliers. Continue reading


Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Jan 09, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Honu Worldwide continues its prolific journey as one of the most trusted business solution providers for online sellers. The company is dedicated to helping online sellers with a comprehensive range of solutions covering all aspects of their supply chain. Norman Farrar and Afolabi Oyerokun lead this highly efficient team of logistics problem-solving professionals. This team has already helped many sellers scale their business by freeing up their cash flow and increasing profits.

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Choosing the right product sourcing agent for a business is never an easy decision. The selection of an inexperienced agent without adequate design knowledge may have a disastrous impact on the business. Honu Worldwide has a thorough understanding of the manufacturing processes and the resources to facilitate the most successful and economical designs. In addition to sourcing, Honu Worldwide also offers a wide range of solutions such as Freight Services, Tariff Terminator, Chinese Trademark, Product Repricing, and 3PL Services.

Honu Worldwide helps its clients design the best and most cost-effective ways to move their inventory. By simply changing up shipping strategies, the company ensures higher profit for businesses. This popular service from Honu covers air and ocean cargo from China to Europe, the US, and Canada. As a freight services company, it also offers a high-speed ocean cargo service from China to the US.

Honu Worldwide founder Norman Farrar is an e-commerce expert who has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz and 20th Century Fox. He is often seen as a guest speaker at some of the largest e-commerce and mentoring events. Norman’s partner in Honu Worldwide, Afolabi Oyerokun, has over two decades of experience developing the best logistics strategies, relationships and tactics to streamline and improve his clients' profitability.

“From product development and sourcing to shipping and logistics through to storage and fulfillment, our business is your business. We pride ourselves on removing the minutia from your plate, so you’re free to focus on building your business, knowing your logistics are taken care of,” said Norman Farrar. “Unlike one-off and piecemeal providers that offer transactional services, our philosophy is built upon relationships and a win-win mentality that understands that the better your business does, the better we do. The more we can do to help you to cut costs all across your supply chain, the better everyone involved does.”

Highlighting the company’s vision, Afolabi Oyerokun mentions, “Honu is built upon the principle of streamlining business practices for optimum efficiency and profitability. Entrepreneurs are some of our favorite people, which is why we make it our mission to help entrepreneurs to keep more of what they make. We believe in supporting you as an entrepreneur — because you don’t have to be great at everything, you just have to know those who are great at everything,”

Sellers looking to scale business and improve profits are invited to visit Honu Worldwide’s official website.


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