Patient Engagement Company, eRemede, Unveils New Website and Brand Identity


The recently launched patient engagement company, eRemede, recently revealed its new website and brand identity. This HIPAA-compliant platform was created to empower the patient lifecycle from intake through recovery. Continue reading


Tampa, FL, Jun 04, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Patient engagement company, eRemede, is pleased to announce that its new and improved website is now up and running. Along with the website, the advanced patient engagement platform has also unveiled its new brand identity with a new logo. Founded by a team of experienced medical professionals, enterprise technology experts and mobile healthcare strategists, the company is dedicated to empowering the patient lifecycle from intake through recovery. With a host of attractive features, eRemede’s new website will ensure easy access to innovative aftercare tools, direct communication, reminders and more for users.

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The team at eRemede is highly experienced in all facets of patient care and digital communication, from general health to relatively complex medical procedures. Operating with the vision of becoming a patient care disruptor, the company delivers a three-dimensional experience to patients. The eRemede website’s homepage displays its five modules that form the foundation of this HIPAA-compliant medical platform. A chat feature named “Ask the Doctor” allows doctors and patients to communicate in real-time while protecting their online privacy and security. In addition to messages, users can also share images and videos. This feature helps eliminate delays in patient care delivery associated with phone calls or office visits.

Some other important features of the platform include a digitized pre/post-op instructions module for easy and round-the-clock access to important instructions and regimens, valuable patient education resources, such as articles and videos, a notifications module for providers to send instant or scheduled notifications, integrated telehealth and video chat, automated medicinal push notifications, social media marketing, digital form-filling, 72-hour implementation, digitized patient instructions, and more

"We're thrilled to join the innovative Tampa Bay, Florida community and reinvent how doctors and patients communicate with each other," said eRemede CEO Ben Sever.

To find out more about eRemede and its patient engagement platform, please visit its new and improved website.



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eRemede was developed to empower the patient lifecycle from intake through recovery! Our HIPAA-compliant platform provides easy access to direct communication, innovative aftercare tools, reminders and more.
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