Pet Carrier Backpack from BriskTails Successfully Launches on Amazon


BriskTails is pleased to announce that its pet carrier backpack is available via Amazon. The brand was launched to relieve pet owners from using substandard pet products that often endanger pets. Continue reading


Wilmington, DE, Jan 26, 2022 /prREACH/ -- BriskTails, a brand dedicated to ensuring safe travel with pets, has recently launched its pet carrier backpack via Amazon. Since then, the product has already received rave reviews from many users. Founder Jane Nichols says she created BriskTails so that other pet owners do not have to experience losing their pets how she lost her beloved cat, Paw.

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Jane Nichols is an avid pet lover who considered her house cat Paw no less than her life partner. She spent most of her time with her pet and always wanted him to be with her. However, she lost Paw forever due to using a poor-quality cat backpack carrier.

Though Nichols was very excited about the new backpack, Paw was not enthusiastic about traveling in it. Nichols stuffed her pet into the backpack and hit the road on her bike. She realized later that she shouldn't have counted on the quality of a substandard product.

“Paw easily tore and went through the backpack. And so, at the next turn, the cheap fabric of the backpack could not hold it, and my cat was gone,” Nichols recollects. “From a sudden lightness behind my back, everything inside me went cold. My beloved, my Paw was crushed by the rush of cars.”

Nichols founded BriskTails to ensure that no other pet faces Paw’s ordeal. The brand’s first product is a high-quality pet backpack made with sturdy and breathable material, durable bottom, and SDS-zippers. Openable mesh windows and an extension section provide ample space for pets. Convenient for both pet and owner with its soft pads and waist protection, this puppy carrier is an excellent gift for anyone who has small dogs or cats.

My wife and I have a collection of animals currently have three cats and two dogs, and we need to be able to reliably move our animals and take them with us on occasional trips. We also like to take them outside for some fresh air and this carrier helps us with that. This unit is very nice, built well, with quality material and has a side pouch which expands outward to allow the animal inside a bit more room when relaxing, which is really a big selling point in my opinion. We both love this carrier and use it frequently...we cannot recommend it highly enough,” a delighted user mentioned in his Amazon review.

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