PickFu Equal Justice Grant Supports Organizations Fighting for Social Justice


PickFu has announced its Equal Justice Grant for organizations fighting for social justice and alternatives to policing. PickFu will reward 100 community organizations with a $200 credit to help their campaigns succeed. Continue reading


San Francisco, CA, Jun 29, 2020 /prREACH/ -- PickFu is utilizing its online polling platform to forward the cause of equal justice and alternatives to policing through the newly created Equal Justice Grant. Inspired by the protests and community-led action taking place throughout the US, the company has stated its commitment of $20,000 for community organizations fighting for justice.

Learn more about the Equal Justice Grant at https://www.pickfu.com/blog/black-lives-matter/.

"We will grant 100 community organizations $200 in PickFu credit. This credit might be used to market-test fundraising letters and direct mail before they are printed and sent. Or perhaps it can be used to gauge reactions and hone the messaging on websites, emails, or ad campaigns before they launch. Organizers can use this grant in any way that will help make their neighborhoods safe and equitable places to be," says John Li, PickFu's co-founder.

To be considered for the $200 PickFu grant, individuals and organizations need only fill out the application form on PickFu's website. "We want your campaign to succeed, and we can help by making sure it's saying what you mean it to say," he continues.

PickFu's polling platform works in four easy steps: users input a question, choose the target audience, and get answers on demand to make data-based decisions. Li adds, "We know that the power of language and imagery can motivate change. And tight budgets mean that every touchpoint with supporters needs to be maximized."

Through the power of instant market feedback, businesses and organizations can make better decisions. Customer-facing communications such as ads, websites and print campaigns benefit from the input of PickFu's US-based poll respondents. These respondents may be targeted for their feedback by demographics, such as age, gender, urban/rural communities, political party affiliation, and more.

Organizations fighting for community policing and social justice who are interested in more information on PickFu and its Equal Justice Grant should visit the official company website.


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