Picnic Backpack Wine Set a Green Alternative to Single Use Plastic

  • Date: May 16, 2019
  • Category: Family

For people who want an alternative to single use plastic, Frux Home and Yard has created a picnic backpack that reduces waste without compromising on convenience. Continue reading


May 16, 2019 /prREACH/ -- As the trend of picnicking increases, reports show that people are becoming more aware of the impact that single use plastic can have on the environment. Frux Home and Yard has developed a creative alternative to this worldwide issue with their picnic set for 4, an all-inclusive picnic backpack without the waste of disposable plastic plates and cutlery.

Frux Home and Yard, a family owned company specializing in home essential and lighting products, has created a picnic rucksack for families and friends wanting to spend time outdoors this summer season. Designed with the customer and environment in mind, their picnic wine set can be enjoyed by many, particularly those who are seeking eco-friendly alternatives.

Having everything stored within an insulated picnic backpack makes it possible to grab and go conveniently, without the worry that anything has been forgotten. Frux Home and Yard’s picnic backpack for 4 set includes a range of accessories a family needs for an outing, including a fleece picnic blanket, cutlery sets, cloth napkins, salt and pepper shakers, and more. Their easy to clean reusable dinnerware and cutlery effectively eliminate having to waste single use products every time families and friends picnic.

A spokesperson for the company says, “We wanted to design a product that is super convenient for people to use. Our insulated picnic backpack contains all the items necessary that a family of four would need for a fun afternoon outside away from their devices, while reducing the amount of waste that is produced. It is a great eco-friendly way to take your meals outside, with virtually no waste of disposable cups, napkins and plates!”

An additional concern for picnickers is finding a way to carry everything they need to the picnic site comfortably. The all-in-one picnic backpack from Frux Home and Yard is ergonomically designed to support a person's lower back, allowing the user to comfortably port their items without having to use an awkward basket or ill-fitting bookbag. According to early reviewers, the picnic bag has padded straps and can be carried for hours without discomfort.

One happy picnicker says:

“Wow! I’m very impressed with the quality of this picnic backpack. My husband and I love to hike and play outdoors, and lugging snacks and refreshments can be a pain. This backpack is lightweight and the padding is easy on the shoulders and back. So many fun accessories, too!”

For more information about how this picnic backpack can help reduce waste while maintaining a level of comfort, visit Frux Home and Yard's official website or Amazon Storefront.


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