Picnic Cooler Bag with Range of Features Caters to Growing Picnic Trend

  • Date: Jul 11, 2019
  • Category: Family

There is a growing trend amongst American families: Picnics. Frux Home and Yard’s re-launched picnic cooler bag is helping these families enjoy a memorable picnic, providing them with everything they need to picnic in style. Continue reading

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Jul 11, 2019 /prREACH/ -- A picnic cooler bag by Frux Home and Yard is steadily emerging as a preferred accessory for people who love spending a day picnicking with their families.

This versatile product is a combination of many different essential items for a picnic, and contains everything you need for picnicking in the great outdoors, including cutlery, napkins, a blanket, dinnerware, wine glasses, a cutting board with knife, and much more, says the company.

According to a senior spokesperson from Frux Home and Yard, “Today’s fast-paced, urban lifestyle leaves very little time for maintaining relationships. This is probably the reason behind a growing picnic trend that has been observed recently all over the United States. Eating outdoors has become a social past time for family and friends, and our picnic cooler bag helps make getting together easier and convenient!”

The picnic set for 4 from Frux Home and Yard comes with a food storage compartment capable of keeping for cool or warm for a long time, thanks to its insulated lining. Customers can also carry their favorite wine in the backpack’s insulated wine cooler. Equipped with a top-mounted carry handle and soft padded shoulder straps, this picnic bag can be carried conveniently while biking or hiking for hours.

In a recently published Amazon review, a customer says: “This backpack holds so much stuff in it! I was blown away with the contents of the picnic backpack. Now my husband and I just bring this bag when we canoe to shorelines in the summer. It's amazing and so cute!”

Picnic enthusiasts can find out more about Frux Home and Yard’s picnic backpack for 4 by visiting the company’s website or Amazon storefront. To learn more about this video news release, visit prREACH.com.


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