Picnic Wine Set Backpack Helps Wine Lovers to Dine Outdoors with Ease


Frux Home and Yard’s picnic backpack includes accessories wine enthusiasts will find particularly convenient while enjoying outdoor dining. Continue reading


LAS VEGAS, NV, May 07, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Wine enthusiasts are looking for portable options to enjoy their vino while picnicking, and companies specializing in the picnic accessories sector are designing their products to meet this trendy niche. With this in mind, Frux Home and Yard has introduced a picnic wine set to the market that caters to both wine enthusiasts and picnickers alike.

Frux Home and Yard, producer of home and lighting products, has added a popular picnic cooler bag and wine set to their expanding line. This 2 to 4 person picnic backpack has been developed to appeal to wine enthusiasts seeking a way to bring their wine interests outdoors while picnicking, an activity that has seen a growing trend in recent years.

According to a Frux Home and Yard spokesperson, “we decided to make it easier for consumers to pair wine with picnicking in designing this picnic cooler bag. Picnic activity has seen huge growth lately, and to be able to add the extra component of bringing wine that complements picnic food helps consumers tie their interests together. In order to avoid the cumbersome chore of gathering everything in one place to do this, we’ve designed our picnic backpack to include everything both wine enthusiasts and picnickers need for the ultimate picnic experience.”

Along with four sets of stainless steel cutlery and dinnerware, the Frux Home and Yard picnic backpack and wine set includes four wine glasses, metal wine stands, and a convenient insulated wine holder to keep wines cool. Rounding out the set is a handy bottle opener with corkscrew, and all accessories are protected within a well-padded and ergonomically comfortable backpack.

“This backpack should allow families, couples and friends to enjoy their time to the fullest while picnicking. We’ve incorporated an all-inclusive wine set to bring picnic experiences to the next level, and it provides a comfortable and convenient way to enjoy the outdoors knowing you’ve got everything you need,” says Frux Home and Yard’s spokesperson.

The picnic backpack has received a number of positive reviews to date, with one happy customer stating:

“I love this picnic backpack but I really love that my husband is not opposed to wearing it (so I don't have to carry it and the baby). He says it is more macho looking than our last one. We used it take snacks and wine to the park. The wine holder on the side of the bag was convenient and the wine glass stands worked well. The blanket was big enough for all of us. Everything we used was good quality. I think we'll get a lot of use out of it.”

For more information about this picnic wine set, visit Frux Home and Yard’s official website or Amazon storefront.


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