Plastic Food Containers With Lids for Multi-Purpose Food Storage at Home


Chef’s Path plastic food containers with lids are perfect multi-use household equipment, as they can be used at home, in stores or in restaurants for both dry and liquid food storage. Continue reading


Houston, Texas , Oct 14, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Chef's Path is pleased to present its line of plastic food containers with lids designed for multiple uses at home. The containers' unique features are tailor-made to suit different bulk food storage needs at home, in stores and for restaurants, among other uses. Additionally, the containers feature a stackable design that allows compact stacking so that users can maximize storage space in the pantry.

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A spokesperson from Chef's Path says, "Our versatile containers are perfect for multiple uses at home, during travel or in restaurants, or any other place needing food storage. Our team guarantees that the airtight plastic food containers with lids are ideal for storing dry foods such as flour, sugar, rice, grain, chips, cereals, nuts, beans, snacks, pasta, coffee and tea."

These airtight containers for food have been specially designed to minimize space. They are stackable and will easily fit into any refrigerator, freezer or cupboard, enabling users to enhance kitchen organization and free up space in the pantry. Furthermore, the clear food containers with lids are also dishwasher safe and are extremely user friendly, as they come ready to use.

A satisfied customer left an Amazon review, stating, "I am traveling in my new MotorCoach and had an ant invasion. I discovered that my storage containers were vulnerable to the ants, and therefore, I had to work very quickly to find new containers and suitable ant bait. I scoured Amazon for airtight containers and read a lot of reviews. I ordered two types of containers from Chef's Path, and they were shipped to my present RV location immediately. Thankfully, the ants were not able to penetrate the new containers, and along with the proper ant bait, my problem is solved."

The food containers are built to eliminate air entry and keep away tiny pests that feed on dry foodstuff at home. Unlike other brands that have loose lids, which permit the entry of ants and other pests, Chef's Path's containers are made from solid material with well-fitting lids.

The customer continues, "I had questions for Chef's Path and had a very fast and kind response. I must also add that the containers are attractive, and the lids are very easy to use, unlike some lids that seem to present a battle to lock."

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