Plastic Food Containers with Lids Perfect for Bulk Food Storage, Says Brand


Chef’s Path’s plastic food containers with lids are sturdy, resilient and made of high-quality materials, making them perfect for bulk food storage at home. Continue reading


Houston, Texas , Oct 21, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Chef's Path's plastic food containers with lids are ideal for everyday use at home, in restaurants or any areas that require bulk food storage. The sturdy storage equipment is built from quality food-grade material, keeping food safe and free from chemicals and toxins all year round.

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A spokesperson from Chef's Path comments, "Our superior bundle comes with four BPA-free premium food containers with lids, four measuring cups, a chalkboard pen and eight bonus reusable chalkboard labels, allowing you to organize your pantry like never before. This set comes in a beautiful box, which makes it an ideal gift for the family. No one else on the market provides more value and safety to you than us."

Chef's Path's food containers with lids are made from high-quality plastic, allowing solid and liquid food to remain safe and toxin-free during storage in the pantry or the refrigerator. The sturdy materials ensure the containers can withstand extreme temperatures inside and outside the fridge while maintaining the contents' integrity.

"I looked high and low for storage options that weren't plastic. I finally decided to give these plastic containers a try, as I couldn't find an alternative option. I do really like these, but I think I was expecting maybe a way to burp out the air. The lid locks on four sides, and the container seems strong enough," writes a satisfied shopper on Amazon.

Compared to other plastic storage options on the market, the containers do not exude a plastic odor that leaks into food during storage, the brand says. The sturdy boxes are backed by a four-way lid-lock system that completely seals the contents until the next use to prevent any smells or entry of pests into the containers. This feature allows users to store dry and liquid foodstuff in bulk, either at home or when traveling.

"I'm using these to store extra food supplies in the basement and want to keep out air, pests and moisture. I think they will do the job. They stack easily, and I am keeping unopened bags of flour, sugar, and things like rice and coffee in them. I think these will work for my purposes. I do like how attentive the company is," the user adds.

To learn more about the air tight containers for food from Chef's Path, please visit the company's official website or its Amazon storefront.


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