Pregnancy Memory Foam Bamboo Body Pillow Offers Eco-Friendly Comfort


Xtreme Comfort offers an eco-friendly and comfortable pregnancy bamboo body pillow, aimed to help women sleep better before and after giving birth.


Bronxville, NY, Jul 03, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Surveys report that pregnancy body pillows offer relief for back pain and restless nights during the uncomfortable nights of the later trimesters. However, some mothers are concerned about the amount of material and short time of use that most body pillows present—their awkward shape usually makes them impractical after birth. Xtreme Comforts now offers a memory foam bamboo body pillow that cools sleepers while maintaining an eco-friendly production model.

Xtreme Comforts, best known for its top-rated memory foam pillow, noticed that body pillows were often being used and then thrown out, as the awkward U-shape was not useful after pregnancy. Its innovative design of its body pillow, which utilizes sustainable bamboo material made in the US, allows for use even after pregnancy. This is useful for women with ongoing back pain after pregnancy or those who want to stay cool during the brief windows of sleep during the early months of parenthood.

A spokesperson for the company wrote, “Of course, our mission is to provide a cool, comfortable sleep for mothers-to-be. But we also want this memory foam bamboo pillow to have a life after pregnancy, so that it doesn’t end up in a landfill or worse. Our pillows are both sustainably made and useful for a variety of sleep patterns, before and after pregnancy.”

The eco-friendly bamboo body pillow features vents, which allow for the circulation of air during sleep so that heat can be evenly distributed throughout the pillow and released. The bamboo fillings, besides being sustainable, cater to customers who are sensitive to down filling and the pillow is completely hypoallergenic.

One customer indicated a reason why this brand of pillows has become so popular:

“I love that they are made in the US, and I love that even after I gave birth to my precious son that I am able to use it when my back is hurting from the pregnancy or from work. I don’t think I could sleep with any other pillow!”

To date, Xtreme Comforts seems to be pushing back at the trends of single use pregnancy pillows. It offers a product that caters to the sensibilities of a new generation of mothers who are concerned about being as comfortable as possible during pregnancy, while being conscientious about environmental issues.

Readers interested in this product should visit the Xtreme Comforts website or its Amazon storefront.


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