Premium Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer Helps to Cut Straight, Even Slices, Says Brand


The Kitchen Naturals premium bamboo foldable bread slicer is the ideal kitchen tool needed for cutting straight, even slices of homemade and artisan breads. The compact, foldable design fits into any-sized kitchen, and a built-in crumb tray helps streamline clean-up. Continue reading


Aventura, Florida, Jun 07, 2021 /prREACH/ -- World Wide Smart Buy recommends its Kitchen Naturals premium bamboo foldable bread slicer as the ideal way to achieve straight, even slices of homemade and artisan bread at home. Made from the highest quality natural bamboo, the smooth finish and compact design make it perfect for everyday use.

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Users agree: getting straight, even slices of bread is undoubtedly the most challenging aspect of baking bread. The company’s solution to this is the slicer guide for homemade bread. And Amazon customers have not been disappointed. One reviewer excitedly reports, “If you bake bread at home, you need it like now. The most difficult aspect of baking bread is, in fact, not baking but slicing it evenly without having a flood of breadcrumbs around you. This bread slicer apparatus takes care of the crumbs, and the grooves help guide in getting even slices. Probably the best thing since sliced bread!

The perfect slicer guide offers three different-size slices: thin, medium and thick. In addition, a convenient built-in crumb catching tray streamlines the clean-up process, eliminating the dreaded crumb mess left behind on the counter and floor after slicing.

The bamboo slicer guide to cut a slice of desired thickness, now available on, features textured, non-slip feet to firmly grip the countertop, an adjustable, fitted backstop to hold a loaf of bread in place, a built-in knife rest and is designed for easy disassembly and storage. Also, each slicer guide includes a handy storage bag, a bamboo butter spreader and a guidebook to bake the perfect bread at home.

A satisfied Amazon user sums up the overall customer experience by saying, “I love this product! I recently started baking fresh bread and bagels, but it was difficult to get nice even slices consistently. Then I got this product! It makes it super easy to slice bread evenly and quickly. It is easy to put together and clean after use. I love how flat and compact it is when taken apart. My husband is also really impressed by it. I love making fresh-baked bread but dreaded slicing it. This product makes it so easy; I’m baking bread and bagels all the time now!

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