Press Release Writing Tips Shared by PR Expert Shane Oglow on Global From Asia Podcast


Guest and noted PR expert Shane Oglow recently appeared as a guest on the Global From Asia podcast. In an insightful discussion, Oglow shared press release writing tips to help e-commerce brands gain recognition in the global marketplace. Continue reading


Oct 21, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Acclaimed Amazon business strategist and press release expert Shane Oglow was the guest in the latest episode of the popular podcast, Global From Asia. In this episode, Oglow shared his press release writing tips for e-commerce brands garnered from his years of experience in the industry.

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During the interview, Shane Oglow revealed that he is the co-founder of prREACH, a press release writing and distribution company, along with his partner, Norman Farrar. After taking over the company from a friend, Oglow and Farrar wanted to transform it from a press release company into a media communications company.

Shane Oglow strongly believes that everything on the internet changes with time, and Amazon is no different. He also feels that many people are not tapping into the power of traditional PR and the Web. Many Amazon sellers are still focusing only on PPC to get the ranking and reviews, without venturing beyond Amazon.

“If you want to build a power-brand, you’ve got to move on off of Amazon. You need to diversify away. You need to Google up. You need to move, building your own list. You need to sell on other platforms. Other marketplaces, whether that’s, you’re trying to get into Costco or eBay or opening up just Amazon, you know, UK, Singapore, whatever the case may be,” Oglow mentioned.

Oglow also stressed the importance of following a strict press release format. Google treats them as their own special kind of content. He feels that even great writers often write horrible press releases because they write them like a blog. A press release must be news and should be written from a third-party perspective. It must not be sensational because that would lead to rejection or low distribution. Finally, there should not be any keyword stuffing.

“That first link is primary. 80% of a press release’s weight rides on the title and on that first link. So it’s important to get that right,” he suggested.

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