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Based out of South Africa, the Institute of Integrative Medicine is offering preventive medicine training courses on a global level to bring preventive medicine into the mainstream and make it a recognized specialty in the medical community. Continue reading


Pretoria, Gauteng, Jan 24, 2020 /prREACH/ -- South Africa's Institute of Integrative Medicine is positioning itself as an expert in making preventive medical training courses available on a global level. The company's offerings are an attempt to bring preventive medicine into the mainstream and make it a recognized specialty in the medical community. Forbes Magazine listed integrative/functional medicine as the number one trend for growth in 2019.

"Our goal is a transformed healthcare system that puts patients back in charge of their own health. We combine conventional, lifestyle and holistic approaches to improve health and well-being. We have created a model for whole-person healthcare that can be adopted by mainstream medicine in the future and medical physicians right now," said Dr. Janine Martins, spokesperson for the Institute.

An integrative approach to medicine combines supplements and lifestyle medicine, potentially reducing the need for prescribed medicines that often have more side effects. "This may result in patient satisfaction, patient retention and an improved technique for dealing with chronic health problems and achieving optimal lifelong health," added Dr. Martins.

Globally, complementary medicine has been a growing trend, and the market is anticipated to expand to values exceeding that of the anti-aging market. Dr. Martins went on to explain, "It is estimated that more than 60% of the global population use some other form of traditional medicine already. At a time when many doctors in South Africa are concerned about their role in the new National Health Insurance (NHI) model of preventive and primary healthcare, we want to help doctors start their integrative medicine careers. Without the appropriate skills gained from our integrative medicine courses, doctors will miss out on gearing their practices for this trend to meet patient demands. Doctors will be able to expand their practice and healing by adding these services."

The integrative model can be applied to distance healing technologies, allowing consultations even when direct contact with a patient is not possible. This can offer doctors flexibility in how the model of practice can be run, reducing physician burnout and also broadening patient access to healthcare professionals. "Our courses provide a workable solution to doctors. Without a solution, we fear a mass exodus will worsen the brain-drain already affecting the health sector in South Africa," concluded Dr. Martins.

To find out more information about the Institute of Integrative Medicine and the courses that are offered, visit the company's official website.



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