Private Label Podcast Lunch With Norm Announces Guests for Week of September 6


Norman Farrar’s popular private label podcast, “Lunch With Norm,” announces its guest lineup for the week. Created to assist small business owners, this tri-weekly show features the most accomplished personalities from the online business fraternity. Continue reading


Fort Lauderdale, FL, Sep 06, 2021 /prREACH/ -- "Lunch With Norm," a private label podcast hosted by Norman Farrar, is happy to announce that Elaine Pofeldt, Tim Jordan, Michal Chapnick and Todd Snively will appear on the program this week. This popular show goes live three times a week, hosting the most prolific achievers and leaders from the online business community.

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Monday's episode of "Lunch With Norm" features Elaine Pofeldt, an independent journalist and speaker focusing on entrepreneurship and career. While serving Fortune Small Business magazine as a senior editor, she was nominated twice for the National Magazine Award. Her work has appeared in renowned business publications such as FORTUNE, Money, CNBC, Inc., Forbes, Crain’s New York Business and others. She also helps clients with ghostwriting, blogging, white papers, ebooks, reports, academic editing, custom content and proposal writing through Elaine Pofeldt, LLC.

On Wednesday's special two-fer episode, Farrar will welcome Tim Jordan and Michal Chapnick. An e-commerce seller since 2015, Tim Jordan is the creator of several out-of-the-box training and growth strategies for Amazon sellers. He is the founder of Private Label Legion, a popular e-commerce seller resource.

A full-time e-commerce entrepreneur, Michal Chapnick has been an online seller since 2011. She is proficient in maximizing profits utilizing different channels such as Amazon Canada, eBay, Walmart, and Shopify. Chapnick also helps Amazon sellers get started with their new journey as a seller on Walmart.

Serial entrepreneur Todd Snively closes the week on Friday. For nearly 40 years, he has been creating profit centers to pursue financial and location freedom. After generating over 100 million dollars in online revenue in a highly rewarding career, Snively is now dedicated to helping others learn his tried-and-tested methods through his courses. He is the co-founder of the online training platform, Expert University.

To learn success tips from these noted business leaders, please tune in to the upcoming episodes of "Lunch with Norm."

About Norman Farrar

Entrepreneur and businessman Norman "The Beard Guy" Farrar stands at the forefront of the economic mega-machine known as Amazon Marketplace. As a leading expert with over 25 years of product sourcing, development, and branding expertise, Norm is an advisor to many and an inspiration to all.

Throughout his career, he has worked with big brands including Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Dell, Microsoft, Target, Hershey, 20th Century Fox, Molson's, Cadbury and a wide variety of emerging businesses that are celebrating sudden escalation in profitability and sales as a result of taking action on his advice and proven methods. | | | | | | |

About Elaine Pofeldt

Elaine Pofeldt is an independent journalist and speaker who specializes in careers and entrepreneurship. She is the author of the new book "The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business" (Random House, January 2018), where she looks at how entrepreneurs are scaling to $1 million in revenue prior to hiring employees.

As a senior editor at Fortune Small Business magazine, she was twice nominated for the National Magazine Award for her feature stories. Her work has appeared in FORTUNE, Money, CNBC, Inc., Forbes, Crain’s New York Business and many other business publications and she is a contributor to the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Elaine is also available to help clients with projects such as blogging, ghostwriting, white papers, reports, ebooks, custom content, academic editing, and proposal writing and editing at Elaine Pofeldt, LLC. Having built her business from a fledgling site to one with 2 million to 5 million page views a month, she frequently draws on her experience to help clients improve their online presence. Her approach is to use simple but effective editorial techniques to maximize a site's appeal and impact, working in conjunction with designers, developers and others on the client's web team. | | |

About Tim Jordan

My first large-scale venture was a high-end landscaping and construction company. We did everything from outdoor kitchens to koi ponds and waterfalls. I was able to grow that company (as a SIDE hustle!) to more than 3 million a year in revenue!

After selling off that company, I landed my next side gig as a procurement agent and business development expert in a company supplying goods to the U.S State Department! I was buying and shipping everything from Russian dump truck tires, to diesel power generators, to tools.... All over the world! From there I found e-commerce by ACCIDENT! Hit my first million in around 7 months on Amazon, and the rest is history.... |

About Michal Chapnick

A mom and a full-time e-commerce entrepreneur who has been selling online since 2011. Her specialty is maximizing profits through multi-channel sales—these channels include Amazon, Amazon Canada, eBay, Walmart, and Shopify.

In the past year, she has helped many Amazon sellers to start their selling on Walmart journey and to increase their sales. With recent changes to the Amazon platform, Michal has found a larger portion of her sales is coming from |

About Todd Snively

Serial Entrepreneur Todd Snively has been pursuing his dream of true financial and location freedom by creating profit centers for almost forty years now. He is the co-founder of Expert University™️, an online training center that currently specializes in developing professional Amazon sellers using the wholesale model. Snively has generated over one hundred million dollars in online revenue and now spends most of his time creating courses for others to learn his methods. |


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