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Video production company, VideoTelepathy, is releasing a video and blog post explaining the ins and outs of what a product demonstration video is and how it will improve sales within a company.

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San Diego, California, Sep 01, 2019 /prREACH/ -- VideoTelepathy, a creative team of film making professionals and marketing veterans, has recently launched a YouTube channel that will primarily focus on video production, eCommerce video education, and social media marketing. This is where viewers will find the company's new video on what a product demonstration video is and how it is best used. This video is quick and to the point, giving a concise overview of what a product demonstration video is and how it can it can increase sales and traffic to the viewer's site.

A senior spokesperson for the company says, "We are pleased to offer video production and marketing videos on our new YouTube channel. The purpose of these videos is to educate viewers on the benefits of using product demonstration videos, which have proven to help bring sales, traffic and online reputation to eCommerce businesses. Many of our clients have been able to get much higher traffic and conversion rates using product demonstration videos as part of their marketing efforts. It is a very valuable tool that businesses should use to grow their brand."

Additionally, VideoTelepathy is publishing a blog that dives much further in-depth on what a product demonstration video is. In this blog, the company shares all of the benefits that come with a product demo video, with data from studies that share the percentages of the impact and results from using product demos. The blog explains how eCommerce and Amazon sellers have achieved high conversion on their pages and increased sales through the use of product demonstration videos. The company states that many high profile brands have product demonstration videos alongside their info and many brands attribute their rapid growth specifically to the use of demo videos on their product pages. Product demonstration videos are a common and effective tactic used to influence customers to purchase products.

For more information on VideoTelepathy and how product demonstration videos can play a significant role in business growth, visit the company's blog post in the the link above.


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