Real Estate Worldwide Announces Billionaire Boardroom Napa Valley 2017


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May 26, 2017 /prREACH/ -- Scottsdale, AZ –– May 22, 2017 – Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), the leading real estate marketing and investment program is proud to announce Billionaire Boardroom Napa Valley 2017. This exclusive fall event is designed for successful real estate entrepreneurs who are looking to take the next step in scaling their business by taking advantage of the expertise of real estate moguls who have mastered the art of the deal. “Billionaire Boardroom is the elite program for serious-minded real estate entrepreneurs,” stated Kent Clothier, CEO of REWW. “These are people who are seeking to learn from the very best and take the next step on the ladder of success. They are also interested in creating free time so that they can enjoy their personal lives in a way they never thought possible.”

Billionaire Boardroom is the highest of the REWW Boardroom programs, which also includes Boardroom and Boardroom Elite. Successful real estate entrepreneurs can apply to any of the three levels, but acceptance is based on factors such as annual revenue and each candidate’s vision for their futures. “Billionaire Boardroom is a two-day experiential mastermind with some of the most successful investors in the country,” Clothier added. “An Elite group of investors meets twice a year to network and benefit from one another, while experiencing some of the most prestigious and exotic locations worldwide. Napa Valley certainly qualifies on both counts, so this event will provide actionable information, access and networking in a stunning physical environment.” Billionaire Boardroom Napa Valley 2017 will take place from October 13 to October 15 at Indian Springs, Calistoga, a luxurious historical spa & resort. The resort boasts over 17 acres of hills and ponds with four thermal geysers that produce rich mineral water giving guests the ability to take part in the natural restorative powers of this special place.

Real estate entrepreneurs who want to apply to Boardroom, Boardroom Elite and Boardroom Billionaire can complete an application at This is the most valuable way an entrepreneur can market their time. It is a life-changing event. More information is available at the Boardroom website. ABOUT Kent Clothier is CEO of Real Estate World Wide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company. REWW has offices located in Scottsdale, Arizona and La Jolla, California. REWW has become well known recently for its distribution of advanced real estate database software systems and advanced real estate investment training.

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