Real Estate Worldwide (REWW) Announces the Programs; Boardroom, Boardroom Elite and Billionaire Boardroom


The exclusive programs allow real estate entrepreneurs to meet and learn from established professionals in the business. Continue reading

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Mar 15, 2017 /prREACH/ -- Scottsdale, AZ –– March 13, 2017 – Real Estate Worldwide (REWW), the leading real estate marketing and investment program is proud to announce the release of it’s 2017 Boardroom, Boardroom Elite and Billionaire Boardroom programs. These are exclusive programs that are designed to take real estate entrepreneurs to the next level of success in their chosen specialty, and each session is taught by a successful entrepreneur who can help candidates unlock their full earning potential. “Boardroom is the key to any organization or entrepreneur’s long-term success,” stated Kent Clothier, CEO and President of REWW. “They have the ability to mastermind and meet with like-minded individuals and successful, established business owners in the same market.” The program has three ascending levels, and candidates who are selected will be assigned to one of the categories based on a number of factors that include their existing revenue and their future goals. The one-on-one sessions are designed so that candidates who take part receive actionable information as well as business contacts that they can use immediately to increase revenue and elevate their industry profile. “When a person walks into a room full of people who are on a completely different level, who are really smart, that’s where they want to be,” Clothier added. “When someone walks into one of our Boardroom sessions, they are meeting with people who are playing at the level they want to play at, and they are going to focus their attention on them and they’re going to wake them up to some possibility that will totally change their business and their life forever”. Candidates who are interested in becoming members of Boardroom, Boardroom Elite and Billionaire Boardroom can fill out an application at This is the most valuable way an entrepreneur can market their time. It is a life-changing event. Additional information is available at the Boardroom site. ABOUT Kent Clothier is President and CEO of Real Estate World Wide (REWW), a multi-faceted real estate education company. REWW has offices located in Scottsdale, Arizona and La Jolla, California. REWW has become well known recently for its distribution of advanced real estate database software systems and advanced real estate investment training. PRESS CONTACT Marisa Ramos -- [email protected]

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