Reusable Kids’ Ice Pack for Multiple Uses Now With Innovative Gel Technology

  • Date: Nov 10, 2020
  • Category: Family

Xino Sports is excited to offer its kids’ ice pack for relieving minor injuries at home. The ice packs are designed with innovative gel technology to act as both heat and cold treatments for kids. Continue reading


FEASTERVILLE TREVOSE, PA, Nov 10, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Xino Sports is eager to share with its customers the technology behind its kids ice pack. The packs can be reused over and over, as both heat and cold treatments, thanks to its innovative, flexible gel technology.

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A spokesperson from Xino Sports says, "Our innovative gel technology allows for the versatile retention of heat or cold alike...Warm kids ice packs for boo-boos in the microwave or a bowl of hot water, or freeze kids ice pack in a zippered bag." The brand says the ice pack stays cold for the recommended icing time of 20 minutes once frozen, which is longer than other ice pack brands. The gel ice pack kids can be used both as a cold compress for reducing bruising and swelling or as a hot compress for deep, penetrating pain relief.

"At Xino, we believe in creating high-quality sports accessories, as well as happy customers. That's why we offer our unconditional 60-day promise: love your instant ice packs or you don't pay," the spokesperson continues. The brand also offers one-year replacement coverage for any leaks and a lifetime of US-based customer support. "Our goal is that 100% of our customers are happy," the spokesperson concludes.

Dedicated to producing high-quality sporting items, Xino Sports has designed its kids ice packs with a thick, medical-grade plastic lining, which encloses the non-toxic gel beads. The design prevents any leakages during use and storage, allowing parents to safely and effectively reuse the packs to comfort their children.

Each pack can be used either with or without the kid-themed sleeves to achieve a colder compress. They are made of moldable, soft plastic; the plastic is phthalate-free, non-toxic and has been tested as safe for children.

A happy customer on Amazon writes, "I won't lie if I say that these ice packs are amazing. I have tested so many other ice packs that broke easily and leaked. The Xino packs, on the contrary — I am amazed by the quality and durability. Those ice packs stay flexible even when frozen and they are so easy to wash. The sleeves are cute too."

Anyone interested in finding more information about the ice pack for kids can visit Xino Sports' official website or its storefront on Amazon.


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