Revitalizer Mist By Marine Essentials Works Faster and Safer Than Energy Drinks

  • Date: Jun 16, 2014
  • Category: Health

Get a boost of energy when needed most in a great tasting formula that keeps people going throughout the day. The blend of vitamins and nutrients, including thiamin, niacin, vitamins B6, B12, A, and E, are delivered to the body with lightning speed and optimal potency. Continue reading

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Jun 16, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Chicago Firm Notes Revitalizer Mist Provides Superior Energy Boost.  The effects of the aging process, to a large extent impairs the body's ability to absorb vitamin B12 in the stomach, which necessitates alternate means of effectively administering the nutrient. Marine Essentials, a Chicago based company dedicated to cutting-edge sublingual and mist delivery products, is the source for Revitalizer Mist spray, which is designed to give the body a superior B12 complex energy boost, while bypassing entry through the G.I. tract. The product is currently featured on both and through the Marine Essentials Amazon sales page.

The company reports that the importance of the decline of the stomach’s ability to absorb B12 is only just the tip of the iceberg, adding that “until recently, many experts believed that only strict vegetarians could be deficient in this important vitamin.” As they note on their page, “however, now studies show that even people who eat meat regularly can have less than optimal levels in their diet.” Products such as the Revitalizer Mist spray have been created to circumvent this widespread deficiency issue and aging problem, while working with other ingredients to provide optimal results in boosting energy.

Most nutrition consumers use pills and capsules to receive needed nutrients or supplements, which are increasingly being realized as inadequate forms of absorbing B12 and other substances within the body. Experts say the complications of the digestive process and the thickness of the cell walls in the intestines may limit the amount of the compound that can get into the bloodstream. The widespread use of energy drinks and supplements to increase energy levels adds to this issue, because the supposed boosters may contain no nutrients at all beyond caffeine and insufficient B vitamins to overcome the absorption problems inside the intestinal tract.

Among the major ingredients besides vitamin B12 are vitamin A, E, niacin, B6, glycine, and other herbal compounds, including rosehips, ginkgo biloba, ginger kudzu root, licorice, oat, parsley, passionflower and others. Revitalizer Mist is an energy booster Marine Essentials expects to increasingly characterize the mode of administration for most nutritional energy products going forward, and the company is already reporting strong positive testimonial feedback among customers trying to spray in recent months.

Marine Essentials is a reputable brand of oral mist products and health supplements and many people have seen the benefits of the products that the company makes.

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