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    Rifkin Consulting Helps Attorneys Find Jobs in ‘Big Law’

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    Some attorneys want a job in a small, quiet law firm while others wish to be involved in major firms that create national headlines. Rifkin Consulting has advice for attorneys who want to be a part of “Big Law” and secure positions with major law firms.

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    July 30, 2013—Los Angeles, California—Being a part of a major law firm is a dream many young attorneys have when they graduate from law school.  However, securing a job with a major law firm is not an easy task.  Competition for these jobs is fierce and only the very best are chosen.  Rifkin Consulting, an &lt;a href="http://<a href="http://www.rifkinconsulting.com">www.rifkinconsulting.com</a>"&gt;attorney recruiter<b>&lt;/a&gt;</b> in California, has advice for law students and attorneys who want to secure jobs with major law firms. <ul> <li>Begin early.  Most successful attorneys who have secured good jobs in major firms began with attention to detail in law school or even college.  They rounded out their resumes with legal internships, volunteer work, good grades and memberships in pertinent organizations.  They also kept their eye on the long-term goal, seeking admission to various bars and taking every opportunity to engage in experiences that would reflect well during a job search.<b></b></li> <li>It is never too late.  Major firms usually hire attorneys who have been working hard since law school to build a portfolio of valuable experience.  However, it is never too late for an attorney to begin working hard to create the right resume for a job with a major firm.  Some important law firms hire lawyers who represent a very diverse range of backgrounds, including those who have “field experience” in various legal areas.  A good background of winning cases and working hard for clients will always impress future employers.<b></b></li> <li>Join organizations.  It is critical that an attorney who wants to be recognized in his or her field become involved in professional organizations.  The Internet has made it easy not only to join multiple organizations but also to contribute articles, opinions and other material that can then be used to show a future employer the attorney’s dedication to the field.  Organizations can also put attorneys in touch with pro bono jobs and other opportunities to help build out a skimpy resume.<b></b></li> <li>Hire a legal recruiter<b>.  </b>Rifkin Consulting is a professional &lt;a href="http://www.rifkinconsulting.com/attorney-careers"&gt;attorney recruiter in CA<b>&lt;/a&gt;</b> and has placed many lawyers in top attorney jobs in CA.<b>  </b>With the help of a professional attorney recruitment firm, candidates have access to the best jobs, some of which are not even advertised through normal channels.<b></b></li> </ul> With the help of a legal recruiter such as Rifkin Consulting, candidates can take the steps they need to get noticed by major law firms.<b></b>


    <b>About Rifkin Consulting:  </b>Rifkin Consulting is a legal recruiting firm that helps attorneys find law jobs in CA and advises law firms on partnership creation and hiring new firm members. With more than 25 years combined experience in the legal industry, Rifkin Consulting is California's premiere attorney recruitment specialist, helping firms and attorneys find each other to create productive, long-lasting business relationships.

    <b>For More Information:  </b> http://<a href="http://www.rifkinconsulting.com">www.rifkinconsulting.com</a>

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