Road Flares for Emergency Roadside Situations Now Available on Amazon


EMERGENCY USA has announced the Amazon launch of its road flares for roadside emergencies. These LED flares are suitable for use on cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and boats. Continue reading

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Dallas, TX, Feb 01, 2020 /prREACH/ -- EMERGENCY USA, a start-up dedicated to creating world-class road safety products, is pleased to announce that its road flares are now available on Amazon. The company says that the product is designed to keep users safe on the road during a breakdown, flat tire, or other emergencies.

"Road flares help your vehicle stay visible to other drivers in the event of a breakdown, emergency or flat tire. Flares help to reduce the risk of your car being hit by other drivers while on the side of the road and make your vehicle easier to spot for breakdown recovery or emergency services," said Gilad Warter, the senior spokesperson for EMERGENCY USA. "The LED road flare is the perfect alternative to live road flares, which can be dangerous and carry a risk of burns. LED road flares are versatile and easier to store than hazard triangles or live road flares. They will not collapse in the wind or rain — our LED flares are crushproof, shatterproof and waterproof."

According to the company, its road flare kit comes with three LED road flares, car safety hammer, safety gloves and complete emergency preparedness pamphlet. With AA batteries pre-installed, these emergency flares are safe and suitable for immediate use. "The flares have a powerful magnetic back and adhere to the outside of the vehicle quickly and easily without causing any damage to the car or its paintwork. The light reach of the LEDs is up to one mile," Warter said.

EMERGENCY USA informs that its road flares are heavy-duty, shock-absorbing and virtually indestructible. "The product is suitable for use in bad weather conditions such as rain or snow because the road flare LED beacon lights are completely waterproof," said Warter. "There are nine different light settings that illuminate with amber warning lights to attract attention."

One of the most important components of the road flare pack is the window breaker that can help users escape the vehicle if they are trapped or involved in a water-related accident, Warter explains. It can also double-up as a seatbelt cutter in emergency situations. To help users stay informed and prepared for these emergency situations, the company provides a detailed emergency preparedness pamphlet.

Those interested in finding out more about EMERGENCY USA's road flares should visit the company's Amazon storefront.



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