Rollerblades for Boys Brand Suggests Easy Tricks to Keep Children Active

  • Date: Feb 19, 2020
  • Category: Family

Xino Sports has suggested three easy tricks that children can work on as a part of staying active and discovering more ways to enjoy the sport of rollerblading. The brand offers rollerblades for boys in a black/aqua color-scheme and light-up wheels. Continue reading


FEASTERVILLE TREVOSE, PA, Feb 19, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Xino Sports, a leading brand in children's adjustable inline skates, has suggested three easy tricks children can work on mastering using the brand's rollerblades for boys. "We are always looking for ways to express the importance of keeping active and finding fun methods to encourage kids to stay engaged in the sport of rollerblading," says Zaria Anders, spokesperson for the company.

The company reminds anyone rollerskating to keep safety as their first priority. Anders explains, "We have some basic roller skating tricks to try out. When trying these, ensure that you have all the necessary safety gear like elbow and knee pads, and of course a helmet:

  1. Try skating backward. When first starting out it is best to find a flat surface and work on balancing the weight on each of your legs. Just because you’re trying to skate backward doesn’t mean you need to walk backward. You will only need to lift your knees straight up and down.
  2. 360-Degree Spin. This is a simple trick that can also be performed on flat ground. Place the left skate forward and then push the right skate across the left as you turn your body. Drag your left foot in a backward motion while shifting your weight onto your right. Make sure you end up facing your original direction, so you won't stumble.
  3. Heel-Toe. This trick is called 'heel-toe' because when performing this, you will move along only the 'toe wheel' of one skate and the 'heel wheel' of the other skate."

Anders advises that children "remember always that these tricks may be needing a couple of tries so it's best to be patient and stay safe. And above all, have fun!"

Xino Sports rollerblades for boys size 5-8 are adjustable, ideal for parents looking for a 'grow with me' product that will last for years. The fun black and aqua color-scheme comes with tri-colored lights that glow in all eight wheels adding an extra element of fun for children of all ages.

For those interested in more information on kids rollerblades, please visit the Xino Sports official website or Amazon storefront.



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