Saudi Songstress Challenges Gender Discrimination with Unapologetic Music Video


The anthemic new music video for Gender Game challenges gender inequality around the world. Saudi Songstress, TamTam delivers an unapologetic, provocative challenge to women everywhere to stand up in the face of gender discrimination. Continue reading

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Oct 28, 2014 /prREACH/ -- The anthemic single from Suadi songstress TamTam has been making the rounds on the internet today.  The song, released on YouTube this morning, is an anthemic call to action in a world that still has not widely promoted complete gender equality. The powerful lyrics pull no punches in this song, encouraging women everywhere to continue striving for their dreams in the face of gender discrimination.

Saudi Songstress, TamTam delivers an unapologetic, provocative challenge to women who are tempted to give up on their dreams because of both legislative and more subtle societal restrictions. The passionate vocalist and songwriter has been focused on her music in Hollywood the last year, but has also dedicated her time here in the US to facilitating strong Arab and US relations through her philanthropic work.

She recently toured nationally, playing select private shows and galas in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington DC for organizations that focus on women's rights.  Geena Davis and her Institute on Gender in Media, and the Bridges of Understanding organization have both invited her to share her message through her music, where she debuted the song in front of influential movers and shakers in the international human rights community.

TamTam hopes to bring a more comprehensive understanding of Middle East culture in order to break stereotypes and inspire women all over the world to feel proud in their own skin. “I am very grateful for everything that my country (Saudi Arabia) has provided for me and I deeply value our traditions.” Tamtam said. “Gender Game and this performance is not about rejecting those ideas, it’s about understanding them. It’s about having the freedom to make your own choices.”

The release of the Gender Game music video on October 28th, marks the beginning of the #GenderGame campaign intended as a direct call for women to focus not on the gender-based limitations of a patriarchal society, but on what they, as human beings, can gift the world. The hashtag campaign itself is part of a larger conversation that TamTam hopes will continue long after the music video is public.

The video can be seen on YouTube here:

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I won't share my face, I won't share my name in this Gender Game. If I say my name or I show my face, I should be ashamed."
- TamTam, Gender Game
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