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    Scotts Valley School Offers Quest and Focus Family Seminars

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    Scotts Valley School is therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens. The Oregon-based school now offers Quest and Focus Seminars for parents and family members of students so that they can continue to achieve success at home.

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    Teenagers and children often find that they have troubled relationships with their teachers, classmates and even family members. Too often the simple and “obvious” solution to this situation is to expel the troubled child or teen from school, or send him or her to a juvenile reformatory or a psychiatric facility. Scotts Valley School, an Oregon boarding school, uses alternative teaching methods, including various forms of therapy to help kids find their way. The school now offers Quest and Focus Family Seminars for parents or family members that want to continue their teenagers success once they go home.

    Scotts Valley School, as seen at http://www.scottsvalleyschool.com/ and http://www.scottsvalleyschool.com/about-us/, is a boarding school based in Oregon that maintains a solid academic curriculum. Aside from this, they also offer different therapies to assist teenage boys or girls in finding their true selves, as well as help them become functioning members of society. The Quest and Focus Family Seminars are designed to provide the families of the students with the skills needed to maximize their teenagers success once they return home.

    Scotts Valley School, as seen at http://www.scottsvalleyschool.com/therapeutic-boarding-school-girls/, believes that their Quest and Focus Family Seminars will help parents create and sustain a home environment that fosters commitment, real communication without defensiveness, inspiration, and honesty. The skills that parents and family members can learn through these seminars have the ability to become a way of life that can have an incredibly positive impact in many aspects of life, including improving careers, relationship skills, and work skills.

    The Quest Seminar helps parents and family members find new ways of viewing old problems by focusing on authenticity, trust, and honesty. Situations can often appear as struggles at first, which is why the Focus Seminar focuses on expanding creativity and giving clarity to options that help you deal with these situations in the most constructive and successful ways possible. Thanks to these seminars, parents will be able to help their teenagers succeed and live brighter, more passionate lives.

    About Scotts Valley School: Scotts Valley School is a licensed, Oregon-based therapeutic boarding school. With the help of a flexible Therapeutic Model, Scotts Valley School will provide ways to inspire a passion for life by supporting their students own passion for meaning within their lives.

    For More Information: David Thomas Scotts Valley School (800) 823-1723 [email protected] http://www.scottsvalleyschool.com

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